July 07, 2011

Old Houses

As primitiveness settles into my blood I am finding that it's not just the artifacts I am drawn to.  It's the houses, the people, the way of life.  It's a time where things were more simple and hard work was the way of life.  When people helped others and life had value and meaning.  A time when integrity, honesty, and some one's word meant something.  These pictures are pinnacles of the the past helping us remember those times.  I captured shots of these old houses and barns in the Bear Lake Valley of Idaho.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking them.  The pioneers settled that valley in 1863.

Willard Stuki house.

An old polygamist house with two front doors.

 This small cabin was the first to be build in Paris, Id. by Thomas Sleight in 1863.

 Later, as materials became more available and times more prosperous, more rooms were added onto the original cabin as seen in this photo.

 An abandoned church house in Ovid, Id.  Built in the mid 1800's it served as a ward house for the Latter Day Saints.

I believe that some of the barns that people have in their pastures behind their houses may have been old cabins as there are chimney ways on them.

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Beautiful old buildings & homes~