January 10, 2015

A Sweet Cabin on Bear Lake

We've passed this cabin over a dozen of times throughout the years, but have never taken the the time to stop until now.  I have to say, it's one of my favorites.  It has so much character with the roof redone in the back with tin.  I also like how the back end sits just a bit higher up on the hill.  My favorite thing though, is how the house is done in dove tail but under where the roof pitches on the left side and along the front it is done with up and down boards. 

As I was walking the perimeter of the house, I came across this cute little cup laying where the front yard would have been.  I feel only slightly guilty for picking it up and taking it home, but it needed a cute place in the guest bathroom. 

It occupies my mind to think of how the cup came to be in the yard, who had it last, and where it came from.  I daydream about the family that traveled to that side of the lake,  how they decided that the plot of land was just perfect for them, and who helped build the home.  I think of the wife picking flowers for her wooden table and sweeping the packed dirt floor with a crude broom.  Then I wonder about the kids, and did they love to run to the edge of the lake which is just down from the front yard to swim everyday.  I can just see the wagon and horses parked out front with chickens running about.  Then I feel sad when I think of how the end came.  How the family had to pack up their belongings, leave their beloved cabin and lake view, to head for the city where a job and real money could be secured.