January 31, 2013

Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies

If these cookies were the only thing I got accomplished yesterday, no one noticed:)   They were a hit and very yummy.  Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies.  Who would have thought?  

Here's the recipe

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

January 29, 2013

Tudor Tuesday

Just wanted to share some "Tudor Love" today.  These are some cards Tasha painted for Valentine's Day.  Which one's your favorite?  Mine is the last one with the children at a party.  How I loved to make Valentine's for my friends and  to deliver them at the school Valentine's Day party.  

Here is one of Tasha's postcards that my friend Tricia from Hillcrest Home Prims sent me.  She was so nice to include it with her Christmas card because she knew I loved Tasha.  Thanks again Tricia.  
Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway.  Click on the link to take you there.  

Wishing you all a "Love"ley Tudor Tuesday.

January 24, 2013

Crafting My Valentine's Heart Out~ Sweetheart Giveaway

I joined Amy's Humble Heart swap and have been stitching, and sewing, and creating my little heart out.  I can't show you all that I am making because my partner, Cindi, visits regularly and I don't want to spoil it:) Here are some snippets though.  
Oh, it's bee so fun to have her in my mind as I created all these things just for her.  It truly is a labor of love and friendship.  Cindi is one of the most genuine and loving people I know.  I am happy she is my partner. 

 Now, I just realized the other day that it's been forever since I have given anything away.  Booooo......I have been boring.  Anyway, since my sewing machine and fabric were out anyway, I decided to make a couple of little Valentine's pillows with some vintage ephemera printed on them.  Oh, printing on fabric is about as exciting as riding a roller coaster.  I squeal every time:)

So, if you are interested in these lovely pillows just drop me a comment letting me know.  
Of course it wouldn't be fair if you weren't a follower.....but I know everyone is already anyway:)
Would love it if you would spread the news:)

I will draw a name on Feb. 2nd and they will be ready to be shipped the following Monday.

Wishing you all a perfect weekend.  

January 22, 2013

Tudor Tuesday

Today I Didn't:

Build a wattle fence (although if it were as pretty outside right now as it is in this picture, I would have),

Spin yarn,

 Paint beautiful pictures for a children's book,

Weave a basket (although I did weave pretties into the girl's hair),

Or go outside to enjoy the snow (heaven's no).

 But Today I Did:

Enjoy a little baking and 

 Finished up some stitching.

This morning I made Coffee Cake for my breakfast.  But, it was more like brunch by the time it was done.  I think Tasha would have stared wide eyed and in bewilderment at me making her Coffee Cake.  What a disaster.  "How hard could this be"?  She might have asked.  Well.......she proabaly wouldn't have cursed at the bundt pan either.  There is a good reason I didn't end up using one today.  It turned out really yummy though and that made up for lack of presentation.  A delicious cake for breakfast...all for me.  Hee hee....  Ok, I made two others for the rest of the family. 
(She always used the original spelling for recipe)

Hope you had wonderful and blessed Tudor Tuesday.

* Most pictures seen were taken by Richard W. Brown*
*Other pictures were borrowd from the Internet*

January 17, 2013

Men Are To Metal As Women Are To Flowers

Good freezy but morning ladies.  It's another cold one and it's put me into shock.  I am sitting here in my jacket and hat and gloves still trying to recover from the morning trek to the school.
Thought you'd like to start your day with an analogy.  Remember those?
Well, there are two home decor stores in town; Real Deals On Home Decor and Pier One Imports.  I have been looking for a corner hutch to go in my living room and Real Deals has really pretty prim looking furniture sometimes, so we loaded up and went there on Saturday.  Hubby likes to buy things for the home too:)  Only, he apparently likes metal.  It's a trend around these parts you know.  These metal ornaments.  I think they are very pretty, but not the primitive look I like.  I know that my wonderful DH lets me do just about what I want with the house whether he likes it or not.  He never says a word to me when I want to display rusty things or bonnets or "weird looking" dolls.  So, when he went on a metal binge at Real Deals, I didn't say a word either:)  Love that guy.  I really do like the pieces:)  I got some very pretty flowers for my pot too. 
The metal calender holder and the primitive folk are calendar were a gift from DH.  He ordered them online for me and they just came in the mail. That big metal key, is the key to my heart;)  Thank you sweetie. 

There....now the house is anchored if there may be some stormy weather.  I am glad our home can be a place where my husband loves to be too.  It makes me feel good that part of him is in our decor as well.
I believe we may be off for the big city of Boise tomorrow for some shopping, good food, hotel room fun, and the children's museum.  Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

January 15, 2013

Tudor Tuesday

Good morning friends.  I have been thinking a lot about Tasha Tudor lately.  I think that it's because it's been so dark and dreary and cold outside lately.  Much colder than normal around here and we have way more snow than we have for years.  Looking at pictures of Tasha warms my heart.  The colors that encompass the photos and the peace they bring etch some sunshine into my days.  I love reading about Tasha Tudor as well.  "Beautiful simplicity" is what comes to mind.  I spent way to much time laying in bed Friday morning (thank goodness for snow days) pinning pictures of Tasha.  87 to be exact (some of you have noticed:)  There are so many to choose from.  In most of the books about Tasha, Richard W. Brown was the photographer.
*All of my photos are taken from Google Images*
(Isn't she beautiful?)

"Born as Starling Burgess on August 28, 1915- in Boston- Tasha was a nickname given to her by her Father and it became the name she was known by. Later in life she legally changed it to Tasha Tudor. Tudor was her mother's maiden name". ~The Wee Web
She's an acclaimed artist and author of mostly children's books,  but what captures my heart most was her way of living.  She spins and sews, she cooks, she creates, she raises animals, she grows, she builds, she writes, and she paints.  Tasha was a "Prim Princess".  

"Einstein said that time is like a river, it flows in bends.  If we could only step back around the turns, we could travel in either direction.  I am sure it's possible.  When I die, I am going straight back to the 1830's.  I'm not even afraid of dying.  I think it must be quite exciting. ~Tasha Tudor
I think her way of living and desire to go back to the 1800's resonates within all of us Prim Lovers.

There are quite a few books about Tasha Tudor.  I am going to the Library to check out some more about her.  These are my picks for the week.

Her are a few of my favorite websites about Tasha:

* Thank you to all who share your pictures of Tasha with the World. *

Wishing you all a wonderful Tudor Tuesday.

January 09, 2013

Found One.......Now What?

I had so many encouraging comments and emails about my blog from such wonderful great friends.  Such sweet words left me feeling hopeful and even more eager to set my feet upon the path I am trying to create.  Thank you everyone for such friendship and love.  I felt I needed to add a little extra name to my new path.  Back Road Reveries is what I have chosen.  I have always love the word reverie, which is~ the state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.  I hope to be able to share more of my deeper thoughts with all of you (I have plenty).  I have always enjoyed writing and pondering about life in general.  So hopefully you will enjoy your ride on the Back Roads of my Reveries:)

I hadn't been to GW for a while so I thought I'd stop in on Monday.  Look what I found!!!!!  It's, it's, an...................hum...............I don't know what it is.  I don't think you roll dough with it.  What is it?  A cookie stamper?  Anyway, I want to make it over to be a little more prim looking.  Problem is.....I don't have the foggiest idea on how.  What would you do to make it more primitive for display?


I know, It's dangerous.......but the kids have only see ice cicles this big maybe a couple of times before.  I realize, comparatively, they really aren't that big, but for us...... HUGE!!

I was laughing at their thought process (and taking pictures as well) as they tried to figure out how to get them down.  
Try #1~ Pushing the Igloo cooler over to stand up on.  Didn't help. Still too short.  Oh, look what middle is finding.

 Try #2~  Barbie Mermaid launch.  Nope....no luck.  

 Try #3~ Plastic candy canes.  Actually the cold temps snapped them in half as they put pressure on them in the attempt to knock the cicles down.  Now they are crying because they have broken candy canes.

 Try #4~ Mom's freezing her but off waiting for them to figure it out and can't stand it anymore.  She comes back with a broom handle.  Ta Da:)  Hooray.

Why do kids do this?  I was hoping her tongue wouldn't freeze to it. 
I have been messing with the dimensions and the margins of my blog.  Will you please let me know if it doesn't fit on your screen or if you have to move it left or right to see the whole blog?  I use an iMac and it's hard to know what will fit on other's computers.  Thanks so much.
Have a wonderful evening.