April 26, 2012

Sometimes Things Are Just Too Funny

I hadn't been to GW for a long time.  Shame on me I know, but I rarely find anything there.  So, when I went las week,  I was just about to give up and was on my way out when this baby caught my eye.  It was on a rolling shelf ready to be put out for sale.  I snatched it up so quick... as if there were 50 sneaky people waiting behind me to get it.    
I took it home and dusted it.  The roof comes off so I can put a luminary in there if I want.  I flipped it over to take the price tag off and....

This is what was underneath.  The original tag from the gift shop who sold it.  Sometimes things are just to funny.  With my blog name being Front Porch Primitives it made me excited.  I love a good coincidence.  I am going to keep the tag on forever.  That's just the way I am.

Today and tomorrow it's going to be cold.  Our temps are plummeting into the 50's.  It was 90 degrees on Monday so that is a really big drop.  Crazy weather.  I think I will cozy up and sit by the electric stove.
What are you all doing today and tomorrow?  Hope whatever it is, you are having a good time.
Take care friends....

April 24, 2012

Tuesday Display Chain~ Mary Has A Garden

Good morning peeps!!  Today is Tuesday Display Chain.  Misi and Traci have teamed up to make this one a very special one and I am so excited.  The theme is "Mary, Mary quite contrary.  How does your garden grow?"
Well, I'll tell you how my garden grows.....it doesn't.  I admit, I wasn't born with a green thumb.  Not light green, dark green, mint green, yellow-green, puke green, sage, forest, or lime.  But, year after year after year I just keep on a tryin.  I plant and water and wait.  I love to spend that time with my family.  Even if it doesn't produce huge amounts of vegies or even come up for that matter. It's fun for us to have a project to work on together.  
Here is what I hope to achieve this summer.  We planted corn, peas, carrots, onions, and beets this last Friday.  Next month I will put in the tomato, squash, beans, and gourds.

I don't understand why dresses are required for planting a garden, but it seems like the kids are always in Sunday shoes and dresses when we yard work.

They did really well this year with the planting.  They needed just a little guidance.

And that is the extent of my gardening skills.  I will plant some peppers in pots later and maybe try some herbs.  I love to look at all your wonderful gardens and flowers and plants throughout the summer.  So, now I am off to see what everyone else is doing for thier gardens this year. 
Have a great Tuesday.

April 19, 2012

Beautiful Browns~Up Close And Personal

Just taking the time to enjoy the browns in my homestead and to see my "old" things in "new" way.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun this was.  I never have really taken the time to look at things so closely before and it's amazing how beautiful texture and color can be.  I kept wanting to take more, and more, and more.  But alas, the crazy mom who was creeping around the house taking photos of baskets and candles and chairs had to stop to cook Sunday dinner.  But, I will be back.  I want to try again with another color next time. 



















Thanks for looking.  My favorite one is the the first and the chair spindles.  What is yours?  I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.  Now, go get your camera and try.  I bet you won't be able to stop:)
Have a wonderful Thursday.  The weekend is almost here!!!  Hooray.

April 17, 2012

Tuesday Display Chain~ Crafting Secret

For today's display chain Misi asked us to share a crafting secret with everyone.  I thought to myself,
"I don't have and etsy shop, or a selling blog, or a website, or and ebay account. I don't make crafts for shows or for selling.  I make them for myself and for others, I make them to release all this creative energy that I have, and I make them for self satisfaction, and that makes me happy.  Most of my secrets revolve around hot glue and trying not to cuss:o"  Seriously, I am no professional, but I have it running through my blood and I find great joy in learning how to create beautiful things for my home and for others to enjoy.  I have 3 little girls under foot who love to get into my things when I have a creation under way. They have to touch, and look, and "help", and get into it all.  So, things have to get done quickly and can't be left out for little hands to disassemble or break.  I do have at least one secret that helps with the speediness of things and it covers them up.

This is my Nesco Food Dyhydrator.  Except I don't use it for food....much.  The trays are plastered with acrylic paint, dried flower pieces, glue, clay, coffee, cinnamon, and dough.  Maybe I should clean it:)  Whenever I have things that need to dry in the sun, on the counter, for days, etc. I throw them in here instead.  They get done quickly (on the lowest temp.) and the little hands can't touch. And if I have cinnamon and coffee in there, oh the house smells sooooo good.  So, there you have it.....my secret.
~Have a great Tuesday~

April 13, 2012

Help~ I am Burried

This week has been one crazy week.  That's what I get for making lists.  Now I have to get stuff done.  So if anyone can....please save me from this mountain of laundry I am buried in today.  I am under here somewhere.  Hopefully, I can find some time to start a new project this weekend and maybe rearrange the entryway now that Easter is over.  I got my new stove, fridge, and dishwasher yesterday. Yea!!! The fridge was too tall so we had to trim some underneath the cabinets.  Then the dishwasher was too long and we had to trim some more underneath the bar.  At least the stove fit:)  It's so nice to get ice and filtered water at the touch of a button and get dishes that actually have been cleaned out of the dishwasher.
I am wishing you all a lovely restful weekend.  If the weather holds, we are going to try to take the boat out for her first run of the year and do some fishing up near Sun Valley.  That's if I can get out of the pile of clothes that is:)  Toodeloo....

April 10, 2012

This Must Truly Be An Amazing Idea

Of course I liked this idea.  That's why I pinned it:)  And in just 3 days, from my board, it was pinned 543 times with 100 likes and 6 comments.  So I thought to myself that I wanted to share it with you because, chances are, you will like the idea too!!

1.  Can you drive a screw into vinyl without it cracking?
2.  Do you think it would be so heavy it would rip the screws from the vinyl?
3. How would you drain the moisture from the jars?
4. How do you bend spoons that are strong enough to hold this amount of weight?

Seriously, after Spring Break, I lost my Mojo......or whatever version I had of it.  I really am so unmotivated to do anything.  The warm weather is creeping in and I just want to lay in the sun and read, or go shopping (warm weather does that to me for some reason), or anything else that will help me avoid responsibility.  But, I can't.  I needed something other than caffeine and sugar to help.  I think I've found it.  I've printed out a ton of these and will use one for every day of the week.  I love how it forces me to put some exercise in and makes me accountable for my water intake.  I love how it helps prioritize, and leaves a space for dinner.  If I fill this out each morning, then I will have my day set and some goals to reach:)  
So, if you want one too click here  Daily Planner.

I am soooo super excited!!!!! MY OVEN BLEW UP!!!!!! What?  You say.  Why is that exciting?  Well.....I will tell you in  a minute.
So, "Oldest" was frantic one afternoon last week yelling that the oven was on fire.  Not an uncommon occurrence at our house.  The stove or oven can be set ablaze very easily around here.  I opened it up and at once realized this wasn't my normal fire.  The oven was displaying fireworks for us:)  I didn't know if I should start singing the National Anthem or run for the baking soda.  So, the baking soda didn't work.  I turned the oven off,  regained my eyesight (it was so very bright), and it never returned to life:(  
Now for the best part........we went shopping at Sears for a new oven and guess what?   I left with a new dishwasher and fridge too!!!  They will be delivered on Thursday and I just can't wait.  
Here is a picture of my burned up firework oven.  

Have a great Tuesday.  I hear lawn mowers outside right now.  That's a first for the year:)  It will be 77 degrees this afternoon.  Oh sweet joy.

April 07, 2012

The Greatest Gift That Has Ever Been Given

Happy Easter
I am so thankful for Jesus Christ in giving me the gift of eternal life and the possibility to repent so I may return and live with my Father in Heaven and my family for eternity.  It's the greatest gift that has ever been given, freely to all.
 The resurrected Christ

Jesus showing himself to those in the Western Hemisphere after his resurrection

April 06, 2012

Random Spring Time Fun

A bunch of SpringTime cheer came in the mail this week.  Look what Angi from Drakestone Primitives sent me.  She makes the most wonderful creations imaginable and they smell soooo good.  Believe me, this picture does not do it justice.  That cute little blackened beeswax ornie was included too.  Thanks so much Angi, "Annie" (Little Middle named it), will be cherished for years.

Night before last I was coming downstairs for my nightly snack before bed.  The sun was almost down and left the things on the window sill a silhouette.  I thought it looked so neat like that. 

Last week we prepared the garden for planting.  An annual family activity the kids look forward to.  We took down the sunflower stalks which were left up all winter to feed the birds.

 We raked all the weeds and old plants and stalks into a burn pile.

 We edged the plot and dug out sod to extend the growing area. I think it's great that "Oldest" loves to wear dresses no matter what the activity.  

Then Husband started it all on fire.  The girls wanted to roast marshmallows.  We were mean and said no:(  They would have tasted really gross anyway.  They had ice cream afterward instead:)

There was a plastic snap set pool that was left at the garden's edge all winter.  When we moved it this little rodent had been living under there and ruined all the grass.  DH didn't waste anytime trying to kill it.  I was screaming the whole time he was trying to smash it "NOT IN FRONT OF THE GIRLS....NOT IN FRONT OF THE GIRLS.....AHHHH.  Then the screaming of three little girls.  I wonder what the neighbors were thinking, smoke coming from our back yard, and 4 girls screaming at the top of their lungs.  Apparently they weren't scarred because "Little Middle" ran right up and grabbed the mouse and told us she was going to keep it.  Ugh.  

We worked really hard as a family.  That is something I think is important to do.  Teaching your children that work can be fun and getting something hard accomplished as a family team builds unity.  It gave us a chance to praise and appreciate each child for their work.  We all had a really good time.
 Here is the garden, all ready to be sowed.  It is not quite warm enough yet.  But next week I think the most of it will go in.  The girls love to plant.

 Last night we went to an Easter Egg hunt in our friends back yard.  I thought it was so cute that "Baby" was more interested in the horses. 

Well, if you made it to the end of this random post I am proud of you:)  Tonight my wonderful Hubby and I get to go on a date.  Whooo Hooo!!!   I love that man.  We are getting a baby sitter and then are going Easter shopping and catching the show.  Have you all seen the Hunger Games?  I am so excited.  I think I will curl my hair, put on my heels and jewelry and perfume, and get all dolled up.  
Have a great weekend.  

April 02, 2012

Hooray....Look What I Found

I found it.....my very first crock.  It was so funny, I had them lined up next to each other in the store comparing and looking and loving them all.  In the end, I chose this one.  It was in my price range and it was the color I like.  But, I have my eyes on some more beauties in the future.  I found it in an awesome  corner antique store.  
Sheila from ~Seasons of Thy Heart~ and I don't live to far away from each other.  She knew I was visiting my parents in a neighboring town that week and had e-mailed me about this same antique store.  The funny thing is...I didn't read her e-mail until after I had already gone there:)  I just thought it was neat that we both loved the same antique store.  
I also purchased my first masher.  They had dozens there and this was the first one I laid my eyes on.  

On my way home, I stopped to take a picture of this neat old barn I found.  They are building a subdivision right around it.  I love that it's white.

I also found these.......growing amongst..... 

this.  It's a burn pile in my garden.  Or it was a burn pile.  It's since been all removed and tilled into a lovely garden plot.

Wishing you all a lovely Monday.  The kids are all back to school from Spring Break today.  I had big plans for this morning that fell through.....sometimes I have a hard time getting past the little wrinkles that mess up the schedule in my day and moving on.  So, now I have to restructure and re-plan.  Something I am not in the mood to do.  Maybe I will extend my Spring Break for 1 day and just take it easy.  Sounds like a good idea:)