July 25, 2012

Dough Bowl~Bingo~Winner

We went to the book store for a book bag and came out with this.  I couldn't believe it!!!  A whole display of prim goodies sitting there just for me.  How lucky am I to find such a beautiful replica at the book store?  I can't think of what to put in it quite yet so it will sit on my table for now as I stare at it and figure it out.

Every year at our family reunion we play bingo with prizes that are from yard sales, thrift stores, or that are homemade.  Grandma provides the bulk of it all with the families pitching in here and there.  Here are my contributions:
"Pocket" Monsters:  One morning I decided to cut up some corduroy maternity pants and make these darling things.  Isn't it fun to see what the mind can come up with?  Oh boy, when "middle" woke up and saw what mama had going on she was all over them.  She had to have one of her own by the end of the day.

Printed Pillows: I had so much fun running fabric through my printer last time that I just had to try it again.  I gathered the girls around the printer (ok, I was showing off.  I wanted my girls to think I was really cool) and proceeded to show them how awesome I was to run fabric through the printer.  Then it got stuck and I had to bite my tongue and send them away while I yanked and pulled it out.

Specially Designed Jars: Earlier I made some Apothecary jars and Pamela made a comment about using the same idea for sprinkles.  Well I thought it was such a good idea that I did it.

 Some for the boys

Some for the girls

 Hopefully the family will like the prizes as much as I liked making them.

Alright, alright.....now on to the really important thing.....and the winner of my
Christmas In July Giveaway 


Thanks for all who entered and gave me such sweet words for my first year blogiversary.  
Wishing you all a wonderful week and weekend.

July 18, 2012

A Beautiful Weekend

This past weekend we were in Bear Lake for a family reunion. We are so blessed to be able to visit that valley with our family.

We spent time going crazy on the Jet Ski and building sandcastles......

at the beautiful lake.

We spent time camping, roasting marshmallows, telling scary stories, and running all over the campground......

in beautiful Paris Canyon.

We spent time hiking and wading in the creek.....

in the beautiful St. Charles canyon.

And When we got home we had tons of wonderful, big, juicy, beautiful raspberries to pick, eat, and freeze.

Wishing you a beautiful day.
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July 10, 2012

Christmas In July~Blogiversary Giveaway

Blogiversary......when I read that word for the first time I laughed:)  What a fun thing to celebrate.  Guess what?  It's my first year blogiversary here at Front Porch Primitives.  Can you believe I made it a whole year?  I can't believe that so many of you have stuck around a whole year!!  Ha ha...
So, to say thank you to all of my wonderful friends and followers, I have been working really hard this last month to create some special things for a Christmas in July giveaway.

I stitched this Santa pillow tuck with so much love and many pricked fingers!!!  He is on a coffee stained fabric with a stained red backing.  The grungy candles are dipped in wax, then rolled in cloves, and they smell spectacular.

These ginger men are my absolute favorites.  I love the way they just stare at you. Sorry, I can't part with my bowl:)

The candy canes are my own pattern.  They are made from foam padding and shaped with a wire hanger then wrapped in fabric and stained for a primitive look.

Pantry cakes.....they smell wonderful....what more can I say?

I never want to exclude anyone from my giveaway's so I am modifying it a little for those who are entering from out of the Country.  If you live so, so, so far away:).....I will send you the pillow tuck, the candy canes and a couple of ginger men.  
*I will draw the winner on July 25*
1~You must be a follower (of course) and new one's are are also welcome to enter. 
2~Posting this on your sidebar gets you two entry's (just let me know).
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Good Luck to all!!!

All my herbs have gone to seed already.  The dill was pretty, so I decided to bring it inside for the table.  I just love the yellow color with the molds underneath. (Thanks again Mary for the molds)

I have been wanting an aged piece of music on the piano for some time now.  Finally, this Sunday I got to doing it.  I had an old frame I painted, sanded and stained.  Then printed some music off onto some coffee stained paper.  Walla......
My kids asked me to play the music so I squinted my eyes to see the tiny notes and out came a string of music I couldn't make a tune of:)

I also made some grungy candles for myself.

Wishing you all a lovely week and a wonderful weekend.
Please keep Sheila from Seasons Of Thy Heart and Trace from Granny Trace Scraps And Squares in your thoughts and prayers as they both are going through some rough times and sad days. 

July 06, 2012

Babies and Sunshine

Good Morning, good afternoon, good evening, or good night (which ever applies to you)!!  Just check this baby out.  Wow!!  My mother -in -law picked this washboard up from an antique dealer who travels to different countries to collect her inventory to sell.  The dealer told her it came from Hungary.  The wood is so soft and the piece is actually really heavy.  I have it hanging in my guest bathroom.  Thanks for the great birthday gift!!
 This is the picture of my garden when I planted it in the spring.

Well look at it now!!  A small plot, but a huge feat for me to be sure.  You see, I am not very good at growing things.  For years I have dutifully planted a garden and for years it leaves me feeling defeated.
I swear after each fall I will never plant one again, but I always do.  If this one didn't do well, it was going to be the last one for sure.  So, I threw up a huge prayer, read my books, and we planted one last time.

Have you ever seen baby purple peas?  Well I hadn't.  My husband came home from visiting a new elderly couple in our church.  He told me the husband used to be a pea geneticist.  I said "a pee geneticists?  What in the world!!" 
"No honey.  He grows peas for companies".  
"Oh.  Good"
Anyway, he gave me some peas to grow and this is what comes up.  See the funny leaves on them?  People in China or some where put them in their salads.  Hu....

Yummy baby sugar snaps for my salad.

Baby corn.  Oooo can't wait and the stalks I use for fall decor. 

 Baby onions.

Baby zucchini.  I planted three plants. Yes....three.  My neighbors will be so happy.  Hee hee.

 Oh baby luscious raspberries.  Hurry!!

 We grow all sorts of hot peppers.  This is just one of them.  

Choco -mint, basil, dill, and lemon basil.  I pick it and dry it all summer.

Baby green pepper.....you are so cute.

Baby tomatoes......so yummylicious right off the vine.

Baby beans.....my least favorite and hardest to grow.  Half my crop came up and half of that got eaten by bugs or trampled by a naughty dog we were sitting.  They are my nemesis and I will not give up!!

Baby beets.

Last, but not least, baby carrots.  We are already enjoying those.

Looks like I am planting again next spring:)
There is a very special lady spreading some rays of love and sunshine around blogland this summer.  I met Cindy last April through Misi's display chain.  I have found her to be one of the most genuine, complimentitive, generous, and thoughtful people I have known.  She is one of my most faithful blog readers and always lifts me up. I received some of her sunshine right on my doorstep yesterday.  A lovely boxed filled with the most beautiful rays.

Cindi told me it wasn't necessary to make a post about it, but how could I not?  It's the best way I feel I can thank her.  
Go over to her blog and meet her.  
If you have made it all the way down here you are a dutiful reader:)
Wishing you all the best and most lovely (un -hot) weekend.  We are beating the heat by taking the boat to the lake and setting up camp on a beach in the shade.
Take care.

July 03, 2012


Today I was looking through all of my past 4th July pictures from when the kids were babies until this year.  It brought tears to my eyes to see how much they have grown.  I cry as I write, "where have my babies gone"?  The kids are all old enough that there will be no new discoveries of fireworks, parades, and such this year.  But, I am however, enjoying the fact that they can anticipate and be excited for it all. I love that they are old enough to understand the meaning behind our celebrating and can appreciate our freedom.  Oh, how thankful I am to be able to reminisce on the past and have such lovely and heartfelt memories of my little family.  I have been so blessed.
These pictures were taken last Fourth July when we spent it in Bear Lake.  "Baby" is just discovering chickens.  

All dressed up in the coop.  

Happy Independence Day.  May it be filled with family and memories.  
I am going to now go give all my babies a big hug.
Thanks for letting me share.