April 22, 2016

Spring 2016

Spring decor went up a little late this year.  With holding a job that takes me away from the house all day, it got put on the back burner.  It took having company to push me to really get it done.  

This little bird's name is Honesty.  We were in a home decor store and Baby had picked it up and was flying it around as we shopped. As we were leaving I told her to put it down and then she dropped it on the floor. It's back tail broke off and part of the beak got chipped.  It was a learning opportunity for her to be honest.  So we told the cashier what had happened through a bought of tears.  Baby was so afraid of getting in trouble.  The manager told us it was ok and that we didn't need to pay, but I said no because we needed to fix the mistake.  So we bought the broken bird, named her Honesty, and fixed her tail.  She sits in our home by the front door to remind us all to be honest in all we do.

Thank goodness it's Spring!