February 23, 2013

16 more reasons I love Bear Lake~ An a little "leftover" love

 All you have to do is drive around the Valley for an hour with your camera hanging out the window.  It's a photographer's (not that's what I am calling myself or anything) dream.  Like I have said in other posts about Bear Lake, there are not many places left like it anymore.  Time has been preserved here.  It's like going to another world......a very beautiful one.  

 And of course, there are those who want to live amongst it all during the summer.  Someday I would love to have a summer home here.  Just like this one.  It sits right on top of a hill.  The picture first picture on this post, the one overlooking the valley, is the view from this house.

So, what's your favorite photograph?  I love the tiny abandoned house in the snow storm, then the green and red hydrant second.
Most of you already know that Cindi was my swap partner for the Humble Heart Swap Amy just held.  Well, bless Cindi's soul, even thought she was in the hospital, she had her mother package everything up and mail it to me.  There were a few missed items that came later and I am so happy they did:)  What wonderful stitchery I have now to display for just a week longer.  Thanks again Cindi.

I have been on the lookout for Mary Poppins today.  You know, when the wind blows awful something, she should be riding in on her umbrella.
Wishing you all a very blustery day:) 

February 14, 2013

Whole Lotta Love ~ Day 14 ~ Valentine's Past

Well, here it is, the last day of the "Whole Lotta Love" chain and I can tell you it was another wonderful experience. 
If you have never joined in one of these chains, I encourage you to.  I always end up learning so much and gaining more than expected.  It's always a time for me to connect with others, stretch creativity, and in this case, reflecting on why life is so awesome:)  Thanks Cindi for hosting the chain. 

There are certain family pictures that capture a thousand words and trap wonderful feelings within it's four sides.  
It seems like another lifetime ago that we were all growing up.  But, here it is, proof that it happened:) Proof that we celebrated Valentine's Day in our house......and in a very special way.

There are actually 7 of us kids.  Baby boy hadn't been born yet.  We had just moved to this new house a couple of months before Valentine's Day.  I was eight and am the one in front with the striped shirt.  My oldest looked at this picture this morning and dramatically asked "what was wrong with your hair Mom"?
Anyway, the night before, my Daddy would bake these big heart cookies for each of us and personalize them. It looks like this year we got to help frost them as well. What a special Valentine for each of his children.  
Then, later in the evenings on Valentine's Day and after our evening Family Prayers, a knock on the door would reveal a special treat left there on the step for each of us.  Left by "someone" (Daddy).
I am so happy I stumbled upon this picture yesterday.  What a fun time to reflect on a beautiful childhood and a wonderful family who has a "whole lotta love" and who is still close to this day.
Wishing you each a very happy Valentine's Day.
~ Holy Cow!!!! I just realized this is my 200 post!!!!~
200 posts full of life, love, primitive fun, tears, and friendship.  Thanks to all for making my blog possible and for encouraging me to never give up.  That's what friends are for;)

February 13, 2013

Whole Lotta Love ~ Day 13 ~ Heat

The whole world could be ablaze before me, but I would be standing in the middle with my head thrown back and my arms open wide, for nothing could better than being warm.
Today I am sharing my love of warmth.  
Not the colors or warm feelings of love (although those are wonderful too), but the true wonderful heat that makes you toasty and sweaty.  Crank up the thermostat, put me in a hot tub, build me a sauna, throw a heating blanket on my bed, get me a little closer to the fire, and let me be burned by the sun.

Just trying to bring a little warmth to my blog with these pictures.  Most of them are my own, but I did sneak a few from other's in there. 
Wishing you a wonderful "Hot" day.

February 12, 2013

Whole Lotta Love ~ Day 12 ~ Humble Heart Swap


 Here we are, already on day 12 of Cindi's "Whole Lotta Love" Chain.  I am happy to share that she was my swap partner for Amy's Humble Heart swap and my box came in the mail yesterday.  Here are some things that Cindi sent.
She informed me that she has never made anything before this swap, however I don't believe her:)  She did a wonderful job.

 She also sent the girl's their own bag full of Valentine's treats.  They quickly whisked them away to a safe place, but I did reserve the sweet ginger hearts she made them and put them on my tree upstairs.  The whole floor smells sooooo good now.

Cindi also sent me a load of Hershey Kisses, and some sweet votives that are in the guest bath.  
And that's not all......there is more coming in the mail this week!!!  Nothing like spreading the love over a few days:)
Thanks Cindi for a "Whole Lotta Love"
Have a wonderful day.

February 09, 2013

Whole Lotta Love 8 & 9 ~Greens and Cardboard~

Good Saturday morning everyone.  Oh, it's soooo sunny and beautiful.  The huge storm that dumped on us just passed last night and now hubby and girls are out shoveling the neighborhood while I am catching up on my blog and listening to some Simple Minds (Don't you forget about me). Ever see the Breakfast Club?  I love that show.  All of those 80's films as a matte of fact. Yup......love all kinds of music and movies.  Ok, off on a tangent there.  Ooops.
Anyway, I was trying to think about what makes me feel love and happiness.  I have so many things I love.  If you know me very well, I use the word love in about every other sentence.  See, just said it three times right there.  Ha ha.  So, after looking around my home I noticed there is a lot of green.  Which is appropriate since it's one of the three of my favorite colors.  Brown and grey being the others. I decided to share the things in my home that I love that have green.  Because.......I LOVE green:)

See the "Olde Crow" sign in the picture right above?  That was my winning from Carol over at Firecracker Kid Primitives.  I was thrilled to be lucky the lucky #4.  Thanks Carol.
Now for another whole lotta love.  I am about to share a secret that maybe only two other people know about it (don't tell anyone -K-).  I have a love affair with cardboard boxes.  Oh, they make me soooo happy.  I have to have a stack in my wash room and a stack in the garage.  I don't even use them much, but once in a while I need one.  I start to panic if I don't have many.  NO, I am not a hoarder!!!!  How can you even think that?  But, I do have a supplier.  A loop around Barns and Noble and the coffee shop, in back that has the BEST cardboard in town.  I should know.  Stop laughing now.  Just a quirk that makes me........well......me.

Well, gotta go.  Girl's just requested homemade cocoa with marshmallows..........and they offered some to the neighbor kids outside too.  Why do they do that?  Oh, and they just popped their heads in the door and said MARSHMALLOWS for all:)  Hooray.  I get to make an army load of hot drinks.  I am such a good mom.  TOOT TOOT.
Have a great Saturday.

February 07, 2013

Whole Lotta Love "in the Mail" ~Day 7~ Some radom ecards

Hi ladies.  Today I am sharing the love of my blogging friends.  My blogging friends are more real to me and are more genuine that my neighbors or many of my church acquaintances.  Some might sigh and say "oh, that's so sad, she's living a virtual life.  Poor lady."  Well, they don't know the wonderful community of awesome ladies I have stumbled upon.  I wish everyone could understand the friendships that can be born through blogging and the ability it gives people across the world to connect and get to know each other.  I know I was led by  loving Heavenly Father to all of you.  He knows everything and knew I needed these types of friendships.  
Some of the most genuine and giving people have come into my life.  Misi from Gable House Musings is one of them.  I recently participated in her Merriment Chain and she had some games for all of us to play in the end.  Needless to say I was awful at them;)  I  am notorious for losing any type of game.  Anyway, she put my name in for the drawing anyway and I somehow won that!!!!  
She special ordered the wonderful stitching from Robin over at Bird in the Hand Primitives.  It represents the key (remember the big metal one hubby gave me and I told you it was the key to my heart?) to my heart that my husband holds.  Awwww so sweet.  After shedding a tear or two over it I hung it up in the entry way for all to see and to remind us when we come and go of the love we have in our home.  

Misi also had this heart tuck sent.  Isnt' it so pretty?

Misi, the sweet words you have relayed to me over the month and this gift of love has truly touched my heart and has made me want to be a better person and friend myself.

 Now, for the flip side, I was volunteering at the girl's school to day as I do every Wednesday and Thursday.  I love the teachers and the students and have always felt needed and appreciated there.  
Recently they acquired a new staff member ( I happen to know her from a past class our children attended together 2.5 years ago), I guess she doesn't like me or my children much. I overheard her gossiping about me and my child to another lady.  This really made me sad because I have been nothing but nice to her.  Our children may have had some differences, but hey, that was kindergarten.  What kid that age doesn't.  I was determined not to let it get in the way of how I treat her though. My feelings are hurt, but I am more determined than ever to never talk about someone unless it's a positive thing.  I will still be friendly and nice to her.

 I also found this one and thought it fits me perfectly.  I have to remind myself quite a bit that's it's ok if I am not perfect.  I think it's good we can laugh at our shortcomings.  

Friends and followers, I am so thankful for you today.  When people are mean, it's nice to know that there is more to life and what matters most is that you see what's really important.  And that's the love that others give all around you.

Have a wonderful freakin' awesome day.

February 06, 2013

Whole Lotta Love ~Day 6~ Pocket Church Doll

My house of filled with little things here and there that my hands have created.  I love seeing things that other people do, and then figuring out how I can make it myself with my own style involved.  There is a Whole Lotta Love in all the corners and cracks of our home.
  I think little pocket bags are so prim perfect hanging on the edge of a chair or on a hook somewhere.  So I decided to make one myself for Valentine's Day last year. I also have a thing for stump dolls so I stitched one up to go in it.  
This is my favorite Valentine decor.  
This afternoon I am off to the post office to deliver Sandi's winnings and Cindi's swap box.
I feel so badly about having put it off for so long, but really, I rate going to the post office right up there with the DMV and the Gynecologist.  I will survive though:)  
It's a beautiful sunny day that's actually warmer and nothing can make me happier than that.  

Have a wonderful day.

February 05, 2013

Whole Lotta Love~ Day 4 & 5

Yesterday was one of those days.  I was not feeling a Whole Lotta Love.  It was a sad sort of disappointing day.  We all have them once in a while.  So, I turned off all outside media, took the phone off the hook, and just cleaned my little heart out.  By the end of the day I was feeling so much better.  Especially after a whole row of these.

Usually I limit myself to five and a glass of milk, but a whole row suited me just fine:)

Music has been a big part of my life.  I started piano lessons when I was 7 years old and started singing in the 7th grade.  My piano has been a best friend when I didn't have any and the songs I have been able to sing have been a healing art to my soul.  In the happiest of times you will find me singing throughout the day and in the saddest of times I can find solace in the piano.  
Music can bring peace into the home and the Spirit into our lives.
It's a Whole Lotta Love.

Today I get to learn how to tune these babies.  


Wishing you a wonderful music filled day.

February 03, 2013

Whole Lotta Love Chain~ Sounds of Sunday~ Winner


Dear friends, I may be stretching things a bit this morning trying to do the Sounds of Sunday mixed up with the "Whole Lotta Love" chain, but here it goes.
We have been discussing the creation of the Earth with our children this past week.  It has made me really think of the great Love our Father in Heaven has for us.  He has created this beautiful Earth for our spirits to come to.  He knew we needed to come to Earth to gain our bodies and to be tested so we could one day live with Him again in Celestial Glory.  The beauty of the Earth is astounding.  He truly loves all of us.


Day 1: God divided the light from the darkness.

Day 2: He divided land and water.

Day 3: All kinds of seeds and plants were put on the earth to beautify it.

Day 4:  Night and day were created.  The greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night.

Day 5: God put fish in the sea and fowl in the air.

Day 6:  Beasts and all creeping things were put on the earth.

After all this was done, God asked Jesus if Man were found on the Earth.  He was not.  They then created man to inhabit and rule over all that was created.

Day 7:  The day of rest from Their labors.  The Sabbath day to remember and to worship God.  A day for us to rest from our labors and to reflect on the things that are most important.

The love of our Father is the greatest Love of all.


Congrats to : Sandi from the Primitive Skate
(I took pictures of "Baby" pulling out the name, but blogger won't load my iphoto:(  Sorry about that.

Please contact me with your mailing address.
Thank you all for entering my little giveaway.  It's fun to do this for my friends once in a while.

Please Pray for Sandi.  Her mother is in the hospital and the prognosis is dire. A sad day in their family.
Wishing you all a wonderful restful Sabbath.