April 01, 2015

Spring on the Front Porch

..........and then a miracle happened.  Just as it does every year, it turned to Spring.
We have been busy around here.  Already hubby has mowed, thatched, mowed again, fertilized and watered the lawn (twice).  We have cleared out the garden plot, planted sunflowers, pulled out bushes, relocated ornamental grasses, and repainted the front door.  
I have redone displays around the house in fresh soft colors and flowers.  The new scent for the season is my favorite.  Lemon Pound Cake scentsy fills the house this time of year.
Mother Nature is also hard at work flowering our trees and bushes with pretty buds.
The girls have been riding bikes and scooters, playing at the park, blowing bubbles and jumping on their new trampoline.  Hubby has had the boat out and has been fishing already.
It's a great time of year at Front Porch Primitives.

Happiest of Springs to you.