July 15, 2016

Antique Fun

I have not been antiquing or put anything new in the house for a while because I have been doing nothing but working and taking care of children for the past nine months.  It was so nice to be able to spend some time this summer to poke around a few antique shops and find some treasures.  My favorite  places to shop include: The Jailhouse Antique store in Bear Lake Idaho, The Rusty Cow Antique Shoppe in Cloverdale Oregon, Real Deals, and believe it or not Deseret Book here in Twin Falls.  They have a whole section dedicated to early pioneer decor.   

At the Jailhouse I found this pretty little counter scale.  I had been looking a long time and was so excited to see they had several nice one's.  Coincidently the hanging scale I have in the dining room came from there too.  I am a sucker for patina so of course the box was grabbed up and I love the blue canning jars so that had to be bought as well.  

 It was girl's day out in Oregon so the first stop was at the Rusty Cow.  Any shop that mixes antiques with modern day decor really appeals to me because that's how I have my home.  I found a hand crochetted doily, a mint condition butter mold (which she sold me for a really good price comparitivly), a really sweet set of utensils with cup, baking powder tin, and a pioneer doll. 

Someday I think it would be fun to own my own little shop filled with the things I love.  It would be a dream to spend all day there moving things around and making displays.