November 29, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This Holiday season I wanted to get the decorating done early and get all the shopping done ASAP so I could really focus on serving others this month and in being grateful for the things I have instead of on presents and embellishments.  I am so blessed to have a beautiful place to live in and to have a wonderful provider that gives me the opportunity to relish in my hobbies and interests. 

A couple of years ago I participated in a ornament swap and it was one of the funnest things I have done.  I got some really sweet decor for my little tree. 

I made this tiny prim tree.  It's about 4 inches high is all.  

A wonderful friend made this arrangement for me.

This is Virginia.  I won her at a giveaway and she is so fabulous.  

Prim stalkings.  Another precious gift.

Grungy tea sacks with rusted bells and pins.  I made these one night with my girls.  

My antique tree.  All these bulbs belonged to my Grandmother.

Fireplace mantle in the family room.  The advent calendar is the girls' favorite thing we have.  The cute little snow globes were a gift to them by Cindy.  They love them.

Merry Christmas prim friends.  Be sure to be grateful in all things and to find ways to serve each other everyday.

November 14, 2016

Vintage Goodness

It's hard to accept that the things I had as a child are showing up in antique and vintage shops.  I am turning grey though and every time I look in the mirror I am reminded that I am getting older (which is fine though because I love old things).  There are few items I have saved from when I was younger, but this punch-out paper display of the First Thanksgiving somehow was lovingly set aside and saved.  I don't remember keeping it throughout my life, but it's here with me and has been since I was eight years old.  It is one of my most prized earthy possessions.

This is not a version of pioneer Frankenstein.  I once saw something similar online and fell in love with the pattern.  I bought and tea dyed the muslin, stitched, painted, sewed and sanded until I recreated something I could love.  
I found the wooden box in an antique shop in town a couple of years ago.  I was a birthday present of the best kind.

Unfortunately these are the only things I have on display for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We are usually not home during the festivities on this day so I haven't felt the need to go all out.  But, when my children start having families of their own and bring them to our home for Thanksgiving, I cannot wait to find more treasures to make the holiday more perfect. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Autumn, Super Moon day. 

October 29, 2016

New House ~ Fall 2016

I cannot express how thankful and excited I am to have my forever dream home!!  It has been like Christmas every day for me to be able to unpack my boxes and redecorate all the wonderful corners and spaces I have. We are truly blessed and I hope I never become complacent here or forget how lucky we are to have such a beautiful place and neighborhood to finish raising our children in.
Here are some Fall snippets.  Hope you enjoy.

The witch's name is Tula.  I made her and her twin sister.  Tula's sister lives at my sister's house! 

Do you see Honesty sitting up there?  She's in the front entry way quietly reminding us to be honest in all we do.

 I fell in love with this particular pattern and since cannot remember the name or designer.  If anyone knows, I'd love to hear.  It was a fun small sampler to stitch. 

 A very long time ago a lovely lady named Linda sent me this wonderful stitching.  I cherish it and the reminder it gives me that I have prim friends from all over the United States whom I hold dear to my heart. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Halloween Holiday.

September 23, 2016

A Bit of Fall

Things have definetely started to feel like Fall around here......finally.  Southern Idaho can be extremely hot and dry for most of the summer months and the rain today is a welcome reprive.  The storms off the coast of Mexico are helping us out with the much needed moisture.  It's been raining two days straight and I'd bet a pay check that we have had more rain in the last 48 hours then we've had in two years put together.
We've been harvesting over here.  The apples have just about finished ripeneing and in the meantime the pears have been picked, eaten, and bottled.  The plumbs have been enjoyed, dried, and made into jelly by my wonderful hubby.  And sunflowers have been gracing our table for weeks now. 
I am lamenting because I will be putting all my fall decor into moving boxes instead of in my house this year.  But, moving into my dream home is well worth it!  
I am just praying I make it through the stress of moving........this will be the last time for sure. 

Happy Fall

July 15, 2016

Antique Fun

I have not been antiquing or put anything new in the house for a while because I have been doing nothing but working and taking care of children for the past nine months.  It was so nice to be able to spend some time this summer to poke around a few antique shops and find some treasures.  My favorite  places to shop include: The Jailhouse Antique store in Bear Lake Idaho, The Rusty Cow Antique Shoppe in Cloverdale Oregon, Real Deals, and believe it or not Deseret Book here in Twin Falls.  They have a whole section dedicated to early pioneer decor.   

At the Jailhouse I found this pretty little counter scale.  I had been looking a long time and was so excited to see they had several nice one's.  Coincidently the hanging scale I have in the dining room came from there too.  I am a sucker for patina so of course the box was grabbed up and I love the blue canning jars so that had to be bought as well.  

 It was girl's day out in Oregon so the first stop was at the Rusty Cow.  Any shop that mixes antiques with modern day decor really appeals to me because that's how I have my home.  I found a hand crochetted doily, a mint condition butter mold (which she sold me for a really good price comparitivly), a really sweet set of utensils with cup, baking powder tin, and a pioneer doll. 

Someday I think it would be fun to own my own little shop filled with the things I love.  It would be a dream to spend all day there moving things around and making displays. 

June 30, 2016

Americana 2016

My most favorite time of the year to decorate for is the Summer.  I put up Americana on June 21 which is the summer solstice and also my birthday.  It stays until the week after school starts.  A lot of my little bowl fillers and shelf sitters were given to me by dear blogging friends and it's so nice to look into nooks and crannies and be reminded of such love. 

 For Christmas my husband bought me my first set of China including wine glasses and silverware.  I needed a place to display them and looked for a long time for a hutch that was just perfect.  I looked all over the internet and and in furniture stores and nothing ever was good enough.  I had all but given up the hunt.  Then one Saturday we stopped at Real Deals just for fun.  That's when I saw this pretty hutch and immediately I knew that was it.  It only took me two seconds to know and two more hours to have it in the house and filled. 
Hoping your are enjoying your Summer

April 22, 2016

Spring 2016

Spring decor went up a little late this year.  With holding a job that takes me away from the house all day, it got put on the back burner.  It took having company to push me to really get it done.  

This little bird's name is Honesty.  We were in a home decor store and Baby had picked it up and was flying it around as we shopped. As we were leaving I told her to put it down and then she dropped it on the floor. It's back tail broke off and part of the beak got chipped.  It was a learning opportunity for her to be honest.  So we told the cashier what had happened through a bought of tears.  Baby was so afraid of getting in trouble.  The manager told us it was ok and that we didn't need to pay, but I said no because we needed to fix the mistake.  So we bought the broken bird, named her Honesty, and fixed her tail.  She sits in our home by the front door to remind us all to be honest in all we do.

Thank goodness it's Spring!