October 29, 2016

New House ~ Fall 2016

I cannot express how thankful and excited I am to have my forever dream home!!  It has been like Christmas every day for me to be able to unpack my boxes and redecorate all the wonderful corners and spaces I have. We are truly blessed and I hope I never become complacent here or forget how lucky we are to have such a beautiful place and neighborhood to finish raising our children in.
Here are some Fall snippets.  Hope you enjoy.

The witch's name is Tula.  I made her and her twin sister.  Tula's sister lives at my sister's house! 

Do you see Honesty sitting up there?  She's in the front entry way quietly reminding us to be honest in all we do.

 I fell in love with this particular pattern and since cannot remember the name or designer.  If anyone knows, I'd love to hear.  It was a fun small sampler to stitch. 

 A very long time ago a lovely lady named Linda sent me this wonderful stitching.  I cherish it and the reminder it gives me that I have prim friends from all over the United States whom I hold dear to my heart. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Halloween Holiday.