March 11, 2015

Antique Wooden Tool Box~ Patience is a Virtue

For 8 long years I quietly waited.  I kept it a secret, but in my heart I coveted this very tool box that now sits in my entry way (for now).  It was my Grandfather's and it sat in my Mother's house driving me crazy because I knew I wanted it so badly.  
Long story short, she recently moved into a new home and gifted it to me.
Hooray!  Day of all days.  I took it home and washed the old wood.  I can tell you from a few experiences that wet, old, wood really stinks.  I cleaned out all the rusty screws and unknowns and then tenderly rubbed coconut oil into the wood to bring out the grain and the patina.  
Oh, joy!
Patience is a Virtue.

 A perfect place to organize my scentsy wax melts. 
Scent of the month- Gain fabric softener.  Yup, they make wax melts too.