August 24, 2011

Hooray!! Wooden dish makeover

Two things to celebrate today!!  First: Hooray, I have 30 followers who support me in my efforts at this blogging thing.  It's not easy, so thank you.  Second: With some help of some very nice forum friends Red Shed Vintage and Suzy Lowan, I remade my very first dish.  Yeeeeeah!.  As I was pulling it all together all I could think was "Holy crap...... It worked"!!!   It's not professional by any means but I am proud of my accomplishment.  Here's what I did.

This is what the dish looked like before.  

 I was told to use acrylic paint.  I just wanted a small amount because I didn't have too much to do so I opted with the tubes.  It worked out fine.  Then I was instructed to use a walnut stain to finish it.  There are a lot of stains out there.  Who knew?  I chose this because it was a little cheaper.

 I did about 3 coats of paint letting each one dry thoroughly  before I put another on.  

 Red Shed Vintage gave me the advice to leave the inside unpainted to keep the "natural" feel to the bowl.  I am happy I did.  I just covered the very edge of the top with paint.  Let it sit and dry completlety
before starting to sand. 

 I looked at a lot of pictures of other dishes and bowls to see how and where to sand it.  I was skeptical of my work at first.  I thought it looked like leopard spots or something.  Sanding proved to be harder than I thought.  I would use a medium sandpaper.  Mine was too course.  It hurt my thumbs:(

 I lightly sanded the inside down and Suzy told me to stain it.  Spray it on evenly then wipe it off with a soft rag before it dries.  I found that if you use a courser rag it will wipe lines into your paint.

 Then I sprayed a couple of coats of stain on the back and wiped.  It turned the brick red into a beautiful color and left my sanded areas not so obvious.  This is when I became really excited.  I couldn't believe how nice the stain made it all come together.

So here it is all done.


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Steph~ Way to go!! Beautiful job!!

Christine said...

Hi Steph! Congrats on reaching 30 followers! You're right, it's hard to get going but you're definitely getting on well!
The bowl is gorgeous! It can't be the first time you've done this?!!! Beautiful!
Best wishes

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

A great feeling of satisfaction, isn't it?
I love doing makeovers for that reason. Always looking for things to make into something even better!
Congrats on your following. I am enjoying my visits--and yours!
Big hugs,
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TheCrankyCrow said...

Congrats on the big 3-0!! I remember getting my first follower like it was yesterday! You're bowl redo is awesome!! Looks beautiful!!! I will paint and distress little boxes and such - but I'm too chicken to actually try re-doing something...I'm sure I'd end up with something completely garish! Happy Wednesday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Jen said...

So now the big question is...what are you going to do with it, and where in your house will it go. I am sure you'll have fun Tryin it On in different places!

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Great Job! It looks beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog, hope that my tutorial can help you with your books.

Farmhouse prims said...

Congratulations on your followers, I rem. being so excited when I had my first 5 followers. You did such a wonderful joy on your bowl, I love it. Have a great eve.

Angie Berry said...

Awesome girl!! It turned out beautiful especially for your first time! The good thing about using water-based paint and even stain... you can always go back over it and try again if you don't like the outcome. If is easy to work with. You are gonna be hooked now, haha! I buy all kinds of wood pieces at garage sales and thrift stores to make over, love doing it! Looking forward to some more of your makeovers now. =]

Gettysburg Homestead said...

You did a great job!!! The first one is scary, but it's all down hill from there :)