August 01, 2011

The Old Window Is Up

Finally.  The old window I found last month is hanging proudly in my dining room.  These windows are heavy!  It hasn't fallen off my wall yet so I guess the hardware will hold. ~eek~ Behind it is a picture puzzle I put together years ago.  If you slather the puzzle in puzzle glue it will hold together like a picture.  I wanted to look out the window and see the things outside as they really might have been in earlier times. The cookie cutters were my grandmother's which I love because I get to be reminded of her everyday.

More Ideas For Old Windows: Enjoy

 Don't you just love this idea?

Oh, the things you could display in here are endless.

I love the idea of a shelf.

This piece is so beautiful with the original paint and the black and white pictures.

So simple.

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deb said...

love all the ideas...the coffee table is to DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!