October 24, 2011

Good By Primitive Fun, Hello Halloween

~Good by muslin, good by tea, good by cinnamon, good by coffee.  I will miss you wood, walnut stain, sandpaper, and paint.  Farewell sewing needle, stitchery thread, and fabric.  See ya wax, molds, and yummy smelling oils.

~Hello tulle, velvet, flannel, and pellon.   Good morning feathers, sequins, diamonds, and ribbon.  How are you maxi piping, double fold, black thread, and belt fasteners.  Hope we get along sewing machine, seam ripper, iron, and hot glue gun.  

I have five days!!!! AHHHH.... five days to make these two outfits and a princess one for my girlies.  Why do I do this to myself?  Why do I put up with the needle pricked and hot glue burned fingers?  Why do I let myself go crazy; swearing at the sewing machine and pounding my fists on the table?  Why will I let my house go to pot while I slave away for hours?
Pottery Barn Pictures
Because I love those girls to death.........and I never hid the Pottery Barn magazine that came in the mail.  


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

If you made those costumes, you are so amazing! I love them! And they look so happy to be in them!
I remember Halloween as a very fun time. I can't wait to see the grandchildren all dressed up!
Bring it on! I want to see what you some up with this year!

PrimHearted said...

Oh my those are so cute! Your little girls will love them. I remember those days too..they do go by fast! My kids are now in their 20's :( Have fun!

Christine said...

I know and I sympathize! But you're a great mommy so you can pat yourself on the back now!lol!
Because you're worth it and of course they're worth it!
Have fun!

Merry Wind Farm said...

Your girls are so cute! Makes me think of making costumes about 18 years ago, it was a pumpkin costume that was filled with newspaper for poof, and I think I barely finished it an hour before trick or treat!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh good luck my dear Steph....wow....3 costumes in 5 days??? Are you wonder woman or nuts?? These costumes are absolutely adorable!! Can't wait to see your girls all dressed up for spooking....You making the darling little trick or treat bags too? (JUST KIDDING....now don't go throwing things at me....It won't go through the computer anyway!!) ;o) Good luck friend!! Smiles & Happy Stitches ~ Robin

Ann said...

Hi Steph, Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming my 400th follower. I've added you to my following - can't wait to see the finished costumes. I loved sewing Halloween costumes when my kids were little. ~Ann

Jen said...

I'm w/ Robin- the cute bags would complete the outfit, and they are the perfect accessory to be used year after year. I hope that you find time to make them :). Your last line is my favorite though, and I do hope you remember to hide the Christmas pottery barn magazine.