October 31, 2011

Little By Little~Happy Halloween

This little beginner wants to run with the big dogs.  I see homes I drool over and I think how is that ever going to be possible for me?  Oh the collections of amazing crocks and dolls and jars and spoons and red ware and decor and furniture and stitchery and bonnets and on...and on.....Then I say to myself "little by little" is how it goes.  Life goes by little by little.  So, when I find a treasure, like this crock I picked up at GW last week, I will be happy and cherish it remembering that I am blessed with so much.

Finally the cooler weather has allowed me to put my pumpkins out. My patio gets soooo hot as the sun sets right on it.  I cannot put any plants or flowers there, anything with paint will bubble and peel, and my wreaths only last one season as they fade and crack so the cooler weather is welcome.

I was busy all week last week creating custom made Halloween costumes.  It was so fun to see the smiles on my kids faces when they were all done.  I didn't make the princess one though.  It was a left over.  Poor baby.  That's what she usually gets.   We went to a church Halloween party on Friday and my kids were so excited to get dressed.  It was my baby's birthday so she got to wear the birthday crown as part of her costume.   

Happy Halloween!!!


Carmen and the Primcats said...

Great goodwill find!

Love the costumes! Good Job on the bat!

THe porch is lovely too!

Have a happy Halloween!

Carmen and the very scary Primcats

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Great find~love crocks!!
Awesome outfits~ you did a wonderfuljob!!!You go MOM!!
Very welcoming entrance~
Happy Halloween~

lilraggedyangie said...

You did an awesome job on the costume just darling! and remind your beginner self that amassing a prim hoarde takes time and I also remind myself that I have kids and live in my home its never gonna be a showcase or a magazine spread at least not until the kids are grown n gone lol But getting a great find for a bargain makes it that much more special! Have a great day ! hugs lilraggedyangie

TheCrankyCrow said...

You are such a dear Sweet Steph....Yes, that's how it goes....little by little.....I doubt I'm among your "wannabe's" - but I started my antique and prim hoard well over 30 years ago....and as time goes on, your tastes change, and you find those things that truly speak to you....It happens - just not overnight. And you have some adorable "little things" of your own growing right before your eyes....You girls are precious!!! And I love their costumes!! Especially the ones you made!!! They must have been so proud to know you made them for them...(and Princess, well - she's too cute for it to matter WHAT she wears!!) Enjoy the special holiday....and prim on. Wishing you a hauntingly wonderful day.....Smiles & Halloween Hugs ~ Robin

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Awww Steph your children are just too adorable! Oh I love little Princess...precious.

I think all of us have to get our things little by little...some of what you are seeing on the blogs has taken many years of accumulating - but it does make one envious....but being the patient collectors that we are...we do appreciate what we do have don't we?
Love your crock...not often we see something so nice from there. Great find.

Happy Halloween!


alltheseboys said...

ADORABLE little girls! My son decided three hours before we were to be at a halloween party saturday that he didnt want to be Batman...that he wanted to be a ghost. Luckily I had a spare white sheet...so with a hot glue gun, and little felt mouse..and a pair of scissors...viola..he was a ghost, lol...in less than an hour!

I love your new purchase too...

Heather said...

Well your home looks beautiful and those kids--- too cute! You're a crock ahead of me in my collection, lol. I havent ever been able to find one i could afford!~