December 27, 2011

Christmas Mouse Crap DH and I had just been opeining the floor to the crawl space and stashing gifts for the kids in there until Christmas.  On Christmas Eve at around 9:00 we finally were ready to wrap (procrastination).  It didn't take to long to realize we had mice running around on top and under and through everything.  Ahhhhh mouse crap and pee were everywhere.  I was just about in tears and puking by the time we got it all hauled up.  The little (inseart swear word here) had chewed up a pair of pajamas, had eaten almost all the chocolates and candy canes, and had crawled into one of the boxes of toys and chewed it up and crapped in the box.  I had to wash all the new clothes, Clorox all the boxes of toys, and well.....there were no Christmas chocolates and candy canes this year.  I would show you a picture of the two very dead mice we trapped under there but,......tooooo gross. Ewe, ewe, ewe. It all turned out ok though, but next year there will be a new hiding place.

This is the tree Christmas morning.

 Here are the gifts for the girls.

We took a trip to Bear Lake on Christmas day and the kids were so excited to see snow.  We haven't even had a dusting since Halloween.  The climate is very mild here.  In fact, when we left our house, it was 54 degrees.

 I love this photo.  She is examining the crystals (and I think taking a bite too). 

 Baby was beside herself.  She doesn't remember the snow from last year so this was a great experience for her.

The kids are still house is still a wreck.......we are still trying to eat all the left over Christmas treats.......and I am still trying to finish "The Hunger Games".  Only a few more days left in the year.  Time to think about those goals. 
Take Care.......


lilraggedyangie said...

O Steph I know the feeling nothing worse than a pesky rude mouse in the house let alone the presents sorry :0( Loving all the Lalaloopsy love going on at your house too ! They are so cute but sheesh how are you to play with em when their heads weigh 20lbs lol Have a great week ! hugs lilraggedyangie

Sheila said...

Steph, that sure didn't sound like any kind of fun. I was almost crying reading your post. Mice are NOT allowed at my house!!! I'm still trying to accept everyone creating the "cute" little guys. We don't have any snow in our area either. Went to Victor Christmas day and they had plenty to share. Bear Lake looked beautiful! Like driving on the dry roads though.
Happy New Year to you-neighbor!

annie said...

That is the most pitiful thing I ever heard, yuck!

You must be some kind of mom to endure it all, and still save Christmas for your family. Sending you a hug! I love the snow pictures!

adsgram said...

Steph...I have to say one thing. AS gross and nasty as it was for you to find the damage done by the mice I was proud of you for writing about it. SO much of the blogging I read is all about the 'perfect' things and I DO love it, but knowing that someone out there will write about the fact that something may not be quite as 'perfect' in the house as all the pictures show is kind of reassuring to some of us who live in the real world! Darn mice DO come in in the cold weather, and who doesn't enjoy a cozy new pair of jammies and a candy cane? As Annie are a good Mom doing what needed to be done! Good for you!

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh my word. Those dastardly mice! Nice save though, but I'll bet it was a lot of work. You poor baby, I'd a been crying too. I really really like your Christmas tree gal. Awesome shape! You've got snow and we don't :o( Pretty this time of year, but that's all... lol.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Dear Steph,
We also had mousies upstairs that we discovered when we had the roof repairs going on. Tearing down walls Mr. Glen Oaks found little telltale
black things and he said that they had probably nested somewhere from the amounts. We didn't get any snow again since October 29th, it's very windy and cold tonight. It looks like the kids are having a ball in the snow!

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Stephn....Mice.... UGh....hate mice....I feel your pain....We would get them every year, put me over the edge! UGH!! When we remodeled a couple of years ago..we found their entries...closed them up....keeping my fingers crossed...dont' want to say it....but it's been nice so far! OLM

alltheseboys said...

Ugh..Steph how awful. I remember one year the same thing happening to my Mom. She alway hid our gifts in our attack. THIS Mom knew she had a mouse. I was wrapping with her, went to open a brand new roll of wrapping paper and had about a 1/4 cup of cat food fall out of the bottom of it. Little buggers were storing it in the wrapping paper tube! They hadn't chewed a bit of the wrapping paper though.

THEN Christmas day...Zach (my 26 yo) decided Kaden needed "real" grain on his farm. Kaden recieved a ton of farm stuff from Santa. SOOOO...the big boy took an entire box of rice and dumped it in all K's stuff. I had rice everywhere. Kaden spent Christmas day night at my sisters as I had to work. Mama spun a tall tail the next morning..cleaned up all the rice, threw it out..and when K arrived home...told him there was a mouse in his rice so I had to clean it all up. He bought it! Hehee...I Christmas Lie...I am so not going to Heaven, lol!!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh, poor, poor, you. I would have been inclined to throw in the towel - especially since you hadn't even started the wrapping. Those buggers can scout out chocolate even quicker than me I swear. Living in an older home with farm fields on all sides, we are constantly battling them. And it seems like every so often, one manages to get in the walls in my son's room and croak....and let me tell you, it's a putrid smell and there's not a dang thing we can do about it....Know you may not think so now, but this will be a great story to share with the girls in the years to come.....Wishing you a new year full of hope and promise....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Oh girl don't get me started on mice!!!!! How awful that they ruined a few things for Christmas. As for the chocolates, well, that's just plain wrong!!! lol

We still have not seen that much snow ....yet... woohoo happy dance.

Angie Berry said...

Oh no! I would have sat down and cried! Good for you in getting it all taken care of and a wonderful Christmas after all. I just love watching kids in snow... it's always fun to watch their little faces light up with excitement!