February 15, 2012

Flowers and Food~ I'm a Gawker

Ok, so maybe the color schematics are off a little but I am not featuring a display.  Just the wonderful Valentines gift my most loving husband brought home for me yesterday.  He knew I wanted flowers for the vase and that I die for cake.  Chocolate cake is a double death.  Look, single serving.  Just for me:)

We woke up to a fantastic beautiful display of nature this morning.  It is a welcomed gift.  We have had all but one snow storm this season and it melted the next day.  I bet I was the only one outside taking photos at 9:00 in the morning:)

So, I've discovered another addiction in addition to Pinterest.  I am officially a Gawker.  Yes......I discovered Gawkerverse.  A website that features four main components: food, crafts, weddings, and dwellings.  I am most interested in the food.  Oh my gosh.  Talk about thousands and thousands of beautiful pictures of food all linked to their original website and recipe.  I could sit on that website and pin pictures of food all day.  You have to go check it out.  Anyway, I built my most perfect day (food wise).  Ok, I like food.  Especially when someone else is making it for me.

Swedish Pancakes with raspberry sauce.  Oh, so to die for.  Sprinkle a little powdered sugar on them and  sweet heaven here I come.  I order these whenever we eat breakfast out.

Grilled Panini with melted mozzarella and caramelized onions and tomatoes.  Crunch, warm melt, juicy. 
Oh ya.

Deep fried ravioli.  Are you kidding?  Pile it on.  Give me a Caesar too please:)

 Italian Soda.  Do you want that with cream?  Heck ya.  Raspberry Vanilla please.  

Red Velvet Brownie Cakes.  You've got to cut my pieces bigger.  I am a cake connoisseur.  It is my weakness.  Pssssst, I buy single servings from Fred Myer and won't share.  
So, you hungry yet?  

Today I have to get the laundry folded.  It's been sitting in various places in the house for 3 days now.  On the couch, on the Master bedroom floor, and in a laundry basket in the girls' room.  Kitty is going to think these piles are permanent beds for her.
Have a most wonderful Wednesday.


The Hill Clan said...

At least you're the lucky one and got Mom's metabolism!! You can eat stuff like that and not blow up like a blimp. I, on the other hand, am not so lucky, although I really like cake too.

Katherine said...

Your roses are gorgeous! I buy single desserts at the store too. I can't trust myself if I buy the whole thing! Have a lovely day!

Sheila said...

Steph, I think I gained a few pounds just drooling over those pics! Thanks, btw! and your roses look beautiful in your new vase.
I love the markings on your sweet kitty.
We only got a skiff of snow on Monday but it melted that afternoon. Glad you got some much needed moisture for your area.
Have a blessed day~

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Steph, sounds like you had a beautiful Valentine's Day. I LOVE your flower's they are beautiful, your hubby did awesome!Have a wonderful day!


Carol Stuck said...

Oh my gosh...beautiful flowers and food that looks out of this world! What more could a girl ask for...lol!


Christine said...

You've got a thoughtful hubby! Glad you enjoyed the cake!
And I think I could match you bite for bite with all that scrumptious food! YES I'M STARVING! LOL!
Best wishes

alltheseboys said...

this is one thing about living in an apartment...I never have unfolded clothes laying around. cuz we share a washer and dryer...so I don't have a choice BUT to finish what I start..lol..when i start! Which reminds me...I must go switch it!!

The food looks wonderful. I will not even go check out this gawker..as I spend to much time on here as it is with email, facebook, pinterest..andof course blogging!!!

In fact..is it wrong..that at this very moment I'm debating weather the peanut butter cookies with reeses in the middle could be considered dinner...so I don't have to put down my compter and make it?????

Have a wonderful remainder of your day! Katie

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

My laundry basket looks like yours except for the color of the kitty! Yummo on the pancakes and Italian soda.
Your hubby bought the perfect color roses.
I grabbed your button, Steph. I have one finally if you want to grab it.

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

We've been living on hospital food for 3 days--I could just devour the photos you posted. YUM!!! Beautiful roses--Valentine's Day just slipped by us. :( Sweet kitty--our grandkitty came to stay with us for a week. SOOOO tired, need sleep, have a nice night.-Jan

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Looks like I'm not the only one who hates the folding and putting away!
Love to eat breakfast out!

Angie Berry said...

You crack me up girl! I certainly don't need another website to get addicted to... I'm already on the computer WAY TOO MUCH! But yes, I love your choice of food for the day and hope that you would share with me. =]

Beautiful roses!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh you little temptress you....I will NOT go (back) to Pinterest - and don't even get me started with gawking....My printer tray is already overflowing with "gotta try" recipes I shouldn't be trying (uh, yeah - at least 90% are desert or pasta....) What a sweet little kitteh!!! I didn't know you had a kitty kat!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin