March 18, 2012

Blackened Beeswax Bunnies

Ok, ok, so they're not beeswax.  They are old ugly candles melted down.  After I had such a good time rolling my eggs in wax (why didn't anyone tell me wax was sooo much fun?), I wanted to try some hanging ornies.  Lo and behold, I had a bunny mold. My mother gave it to me like 5 years ago and the wrapper was still on it.  Good thing I never throw anything away.  All the kids in the house were asleep (sick).  So, do you think I took a nap.  I dare not, I crafted.  My DH saw that I was melting down my candles at the stove and asked if he needed to be ready to call the ambulance.  Hum, does that tell you anything about me?  I was pleasantly surprised at the end result for my first try at this.

This is what we woke up to this morning.  It had started to snow yesterday.  Snowflakes as big as cotton balls.   We finally have some buds on the fruit trees.  This is spring in Idaho.  The grass is not green, the buds are just barley showing, and there are no flowers yet.  Give it a couple of more weeks and we will catch up with you all.  

I am not the only one who has weird stuff in the fridge sometimes.  This is what I found between the milk and orange juice yesterday afternoon.  What do you think DH has here?

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday.  We are just ending a week long sick fest at our house.  "Oldest" was taken into the Dr. on Tuesday for a fever of 104 and a soar throat. She missed 3 days of school.  "Little Middle" came down with it on Wednesday and  missed 1.5 days of school.   And I just took "Baby" into the doctor today.  She has an ear infection in her right ear.  Poor thing.  She's been sick for 3 days now.  We are all on the mend though.  Hopefully this week will be normal again.  
~Take Care~


Ann said...

Steph, Your kids have had it like mine this year. My youngest is complaining of his ear hurting today - wonderful! Cute bunny - I like playing in wax too....~Ann

Mom and Dad Bean said...

How come Grandma has to hear about sick grandkids on her daughter's blog?? Sorry your girls have been ill. Good thing you didn't get it...yet. You wouldn't of been able to do your cute bunnies and eggs. I'm proud of you Steph. Your a great mother and Blogger. Mom

BumbleBeeLane said...

Steph~ Hope you all feel better soon.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Steph, You sure have your hands full with three sick kids... Hope they are well soon. Snowflakes and trees budding out, such strange weather everywhere. Here in Ohio it is near 70 today, and I am almost done with all the garden clean-out. Your little bunny is too cute, it;s neat that you have all these molds to use in crafting.

Sheila said...

Hey Steph,
I'm pretty sure your cotton ball size snowflakes came our way! Geesh, what a spring, but then it's Idaho! Our grass is starting to turn green around the edges of the yard, and the fields are mud bogs with a hint of green from the winter grain. Once that sun comes out to stay it will be beautiful!
Sure hope your kiddos get to feeling better, no fun having those little ones sickly.
Great job on you wax goodies too!
The flea market was full of great stuff but we didn't purchase anything to brag about.
Enjoy your Sunday~

Karen/My Colonial Home said...
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Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Steph, so sorry the kiddos are sick, hope they are all on the mend soon :O( Your wax bunny is adorable, I'm very impressed! Hot wax scares the heck out of me, I'd have to have the ambulance on standby as well, grace is definitely NOT my middle name! And at least you have some buds on your trees, we've got nothing except 4 inches of snow yesterday and freezing cold last night. My poor robins that I posted about a few days ago have disappeared! And LOL on the fridge findings, how in the heck does that happen anyways?! Hubby found some 'fuzzy' offerings in the back of ours the other day too so you are not alone! Have a great week and hope your kids are better real soon, Deb

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I'll try this again...seems I got goofed up! lol
Hope your sick kiddos are better this week to go back to school - you need the break.
Adorable Beeswax Bunny!

Traci said...

Hey Steph...sorry to hear the girls have been sick, hoping away all the bugs for your family.. Cute, cute bunny, great job!

I am going to venture a guess as to what DH was hiding in your fridge...something salted for fish bait, maybe? If so, my DH has a fridge in the garage for that stuff, LOL..

Hugs to all,

jennifer768 said...

Sorry that the kids are sick ,hope that they are feeling better soon.I dare not hazard a guess as to what is in that bag.LOL! Love the bunny!Hugs,Jen

Trace4J said...

Feel Better Wishes being sent your way!
Love the Bunny! Too cute.
Hugs Trace

A Primitive Homestead said...

Prayer lifted all the girls are feeling better. You wax bunny is cute. Oh no snow! Things are green & flowers are starting to bloom here. Blessings!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Oh, my Steph. That's a lot to go through with 3 sick children. I hope you all feel better soon.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

I forgot to tell you hat I like the wax bunny hanger.

TheCrankyCrow said... I'm hoping it's fish??? For your sake??? My DH does that to me too often....hello - there's a marker in the drawer next to the frig - label your grossities BEFORE you put them in the frig! Sorry to hear your girls are sick - still a bunch of crud floating around these parts too. And we've had gorgeous weather here, but no buds like you have.... Your wax bunny is adorable Steph!! I love wax stuff....but, alas, they don't let me play with wax, paint or sharp objects here. :o Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Hi Steph!! So sorry your kids are sick--something is going around here too. Just hurts to see the kids down with it.:( You did a great job with your wax bunny!! looks really good. Can't believe you had snow!! We are seeing green here and the lawn service was here a few minutes ago. Spring has Sprung!! :) That bag from the fridge scares me!!:)--Jan

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Good Morning Steph! Sorry to hear that your kids are sick! Hope they are all feeling better soon!
I Love your wax bunny! So cute!! I just discovered how much fun playing with wax can be a few weeks ago when I made some pantry cakes following Carmen (Primcats) tutorial.
Is that some kind of fish your DH has in that bag? Looks like something my boys around here would have in the frig, Lol! Enjoy your Monday!


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Hi, Steph, wishing you all well~
Adorable bunny~

Raggedy Creations said...

Good job on the bunnies Steph. Hope your family is all better soon.


Christine said...

You deserve the 'True Die Hard Crafter award'!!! lol!
No rest for you, you had to craft and what a great result! I LOVE the bunny!
Hope you are all getting better.
Best wishes

bettyj said...

Your little waxy bunny is cute as can be. Hope all the little ones are well soon. I made wax ornaments one time and we melted it in a coffee can in a pot of water. My husband was afraid I would catch the house on fire with wax on a stove burner

Cailey said...

haha I think the food is probably some pasta.. or was.. :) But thats awesome you thought of doing that! that is pretty fun. Jeff is wanting to make some art with melting crayons.... I wonder how that will go. He hasnt started on it yet. Poor kids, I hope they are feeling better! gosh not fun being sick!!!

Angie Berry said...

Uhm girlfriend... I do believe I talk all the time about how fun waxing is and also how addicting it is!! Like you, my first time I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome and I immediately was hooked. Wax is so forgiving. If you don't like it, just dip it again and you'll eventually get the look you want, lol! I was waxing the week before we left for spring break. I'm ready for them all to get back to school and work so I can play again, hehe. It's still sitting on my kitchen counter. Glad my family doesn't complain too much about my constant crafting messes, haha. You did an awesome job on the bunny! Love that you made a hanger for it!

It's so neat to see those first buds, I just love it. We are really starting to green up around here and it is so beautiful! The yard is almost fully green and lots of trees are turning green. Still lots of yard work, but at least the weather is nice enough to be outside.

I don't know what kind of science experiment you pulled out of your fridge but I don't like it too much when my hubby does that. He always seems to "forget" that he put something in there. I don't think I will ever get him trained, lol.

Spring break put me behind on blogging so I'm just now seeing that you've had a sick home. I hope all is well now and the germs are all gone!