March 11, 2012

Mom's A Bunny Factory~Spring Blessings

When I started cutting out a couple of chocolate rabbits, I knew "Little Middle" would want one.  So I cut her one too.  Then the "Oldest" thought she would place an order.  When "Baby" saw what was going on she sweetly says "I... want.... a wabbit."  So Mom became a factory this weekend fashioning rabbits.  The girls got to pick out their colors and accessories.  They are now requesting a change of outfits for them.  Hummmmmm.......Factory is closed:)  If anyone want the pattern it's for free right here. Annie's Cupboards

This is my rabbit.  Stained with coffee and cinnamon.  My DH came home and says  "oh, what smells so good"?  I told him "it's coffee and cinnamon rabbit dear".

This is "Little Middle's".  Her name is Charlie.  Her ear in now sporting a flower after seeing the other rabbits wearing one.

This one is "Oldest's".  I was surprised in the end she picked blue.  I think we went through three different styles before settling on this.  Her name is Princess Bunny.  

 This one is "Baby's".  She let me design hers.  The A is for the first letter in her name.  Hers was the last to come off the press so she was happy to be able to finally play with her sisters.  Her name is Wabbit.

This is a picture of the surprise rabbit I will show later on this week:)  Be on the lookout.

On to the next project.  Stuffed~ life sized cats. 

I found a sweet little package in the mail later last week.  I was so excited to see it was from my friend Christine over at Preferably Prim.  How wonderful for her to send Spring blessings to me.  Just look how cute this pillow tuck is.  I am going to display it in my front entry way when I get my Spring arrangement done there:).  Thanks so much Christine.  You are so sweet.  You made my day.

Thanks for the visit today.  I would love for you to let me know you were here:)


A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Sweet bunnies!
And what a onderful surprise gift.

anniescupboards said...

Oh So cute!!! I am glad you had so much fun with the bunny pattern. I am crushing on the pink skirt. The surprise bunny has be anxious!! Must find out!!


BumbleBeeLane said...

Sweet lil bunnies for your't wait to see the surprise appearance.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Raymond Homestead said...

Very cute rabbits! Can't wait to see the life size cat! lol

Ann said...

Steph, I'm laughing about your cat - my 2 "help" me whenever I spread out fabric to sew. ~Ann

Firecracker Kid said...

Sweet bunnies and sweeter that you made some for the kids.
OMGosh, you could draw around kitty for a pattern... lol. Looks like something my cats would do :o)

~The Boyd Homestead Farm~ said...

Those are such cute bunnies!! And the outfits for them are sweet :) I will check out the pattern, perhaps I have enough sewing skills to try it out, lol. Don't you love it when the animals have to lie on the material you work with? Mine do the same! Can't wait to see the surprise bunny and that was so nice of Christine to send you the cute pillow tuck!
have a wonderful evening :)


TheCrankyCrow said...

I absolutely WUV your Wabbits!! "Charlie's" skirt is just precious!! But that cat template is AMAZING! Is that a "Sew n' Stuff"??? ;o) Wonderful gift from Christine - perfect touch of spring and friendship....Have a great new week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

A Primitive Homestead said...

Got to love your kitty. Cute little bunnies you & the girls got there. Happy hopping this week. Blessings!

Sheila said...

Hi Steph~
I love all your wabbits and especially that your little girls wanted one of their own. Lovely gift from Christine!
Hope you are enjoying some spring-like weather. Our weekend was gorgeous, I even got in a short bike ride.
Wishing you a great week filled with sunshine~

The Gingerbread Gem said...

The wabbits are so cute!! Spring is just around the corner here. I even got to work in our back yard (getting the vegetable garden ready for sowing). Yippie!

Lee Hill Primitives said...

They looks so cute. Love the picture with your cat, LOL.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Good Morning Steph- That adorable little bunnies you have made! Your cat looks so cute laying there. Enjoy your day!!


Christine said...

Hi Steph! You've been a busy mama bunny! But I know what it's like as the children put in their orders!!
How cute is that kitty of yours - a real funny picture!
Glad you like Spring 1842!

Jen said...

Serioulsy the cutest bunnies ever! Love the outfits! What a great way to spend the weekend.

Trace4J said...

What adorable wabbits!
Sounds like wonderful fun.
And the stuffed cat. OH SO CUTE!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

that is so sweet--brought a smile to my face!
every honey needs a bunny.......

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Ohhhh..the pink tutu bunny is tutu cute!!! What a helpful kitty--offering itself up for a pattern!! Aren't they just the funniest things!?!--laughing-Jan

alltheseboys said...

Now how cute are those! Love that the girls all wanted one. I took Kaden with me today to pick up a rocking chair I'd purchased friday on my Mom's bday shopping day. (I couldn't fit it into my car, hehe...too many packages. Mind you I drive a Kia Sorento with seats that fold down!) He told me he didn't like those stores. Yea...right..we left the first one with a chair for him in his "office" and a little bird he HAD to have. Second store I stopped at to pick up a braided rug...he wanted a $30 lamb in the WORST way..every other thing.."Ohhh Mom we should get this. Why Mom? Why don't you want it?" I finally said, "Kaden I thougth you didn't like these stores?" His reply..."I forgot..I do like them!"

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Steph those bunnies came out adorable!!! Love the tutu lol What a great pillow tuck!

Tolentreasures said...

Adorable bunnies! How cute that they each have their own personality. I can't tell you how many times JWS had been disappointed that the smell was crafts and not food. Love the pillow tuck!


Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

haha, the cat on the fabric, too cute