April 10, 2012

This Must Truly Be An Amazing Idea

Of course I liked this idea.  That's why I pinned it:)  And in just 3 days, from my board, it was pinned 543 times with 100 likes and 6 comments.  So I thought to myself that I wanted to share it with you because, chances are, you will like the idea too!!

1.  Can you drive a screw into vinyl without it cracking?
2.  Do you think it would be so heavy it would rip the screws from the vinyl?
3. How would you drain the moisture from the jars?
4. How do you bend spoons that are strong enough to hold this amount of weight?

Seriously, after Spring Break, I lost my Mojo......or whatever version I had of it.  I really am so unmotivated to do anything.  The warm weather is creeping in and I just want to lay in the sun and read, or go shopping (warm weather does that to me for some reason), or anything else that will help me avoid responsibility.  But, I can't.  I needed something other than caffeine and sugar to help.  I think I've found it.  I've printed out a ton of these and will use one for every day of the week.  I love how it forces me to put some exercise in and makes me accountable for my water intake.  I love how it helps prioritize, and leaves a space for dinner.  If I fill this out each morning, then I will have my day set and some goals to reach:)  
So, if you want one too click here  Daily Planner.

I am soooo super excited!!!!! MY OVEN BLEW UP!!!!!! What?  You say.  Why is that exciting?  Well.....I will tell you in  a minute.
So, "Oldest" was frantic one afternoon last week yelling that the oven was on fire.  Not an uncommon occurrence at our house.  The stove or oven can be set ablaze very easily around here.  I opened it up and at once realized this wasn't my normal fire.  The oven was displaying fireworks for us:)  I didn't know if I should start singing the National Anthem or run for the baking soda.  So, the baking soda didn't work.  I turned the oven off,  regained my eyesight (it was so very bright), and it never returned to life:(  
Now for the best part........we went shopping at Sears for a new oven and guess what?   I left with a new dishwasher and fridge too!!!  They will be delivered on Thursday and I just can't wait.  
Here is a picture of my burned up firework oven.  

Have a great Tuesday.  I hear lawn mowers outside right now.  That's a first for the year:)  It will be 77 degrees this afternoon.  Oh sweet joy.


Jen said...

SO much to comment on!!

A) I love the flower idea...but I don't know how you would solve any of the problems you presented. Let me know the answers and then I may try it.

B) I love the motivational "to do" things. First thing on my list would be to buy a printer so I could print them. Let me know how it works- I am thinking that is a great idea for summer, when I am really unmotivated!

C) Sorry (NOT) to hear about your oven, but what a excuse to go shopping! What kind of a fridge did you get, do we get to see???

D) Have a great day!!

The Gingerbread Gem said...


Love your new profile picture!

Those priority lists: I know the feeling. I started doing it after being unemployed for a while (= loosing daily structure). I gives me some goals to reach, I get things done.

Btw, I'm waiting for my oven to die. (Lucky you!) Got the new fridge, stove and dish washer already (last year).


Trace4J said...

What a good post.
So much going on and new appliances. Oh exciting.
Love the daily planner.
Sounds like a beautiful day.


Angi at drakestone primitives country cabin said...

What a wonderful idea and love the spoons.. Love shopping for BIG things too LOL..P.S your bunny looks right at home..Hugs X

Christine said...

Pretty idea with the spoons and hanging jars - but your questions are very good - in my limited experience things never tend to be that easy or good looking when I try them!!

Your new profile pic is sweet!
Happy news for your kitchen!
Best wishes

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Steph, the flower idea is really pretty--I would make sure the screw goes in a stud..after drilling a pilot hole(solves #1 and#2, Drill holes in bottom of jar with a diamond bit(#3), and use a tabletop vise and a big strong hunky guy(bonus!! ) to bend the spoon!!(#4) PROBLEMS SOLVED!! :) Your list is a good idea, but I'm not motivated enough to make up the list!! :( I'm hoping for an end to my stove too--it's nice and all, but I've never liked how I can't get it to slow simmer. In MY mind, it would be easier to get a new one. Hmmm, Al doesn't agree!! MEN!!! :)--Jan

Janet said...

Hi Steph,

Wow, the spoon and flower jar idea looks great. I am not good at answering those kinds of questions though. I'd love to find out the answers too.

R.I.P. old oven. YAAYYYYYYYY new oven, fridge and dishwasher! Lucky you.

We have a relatively new oven. Could use a new fridge. And no room for a dishwasher. :( Oh well...

Take care my new friend, Janet W

The Country Nest said...

Love the spoon idea, but I was thinking oh you lucky girl, new appliances!! How exciting, look forward to some pictures!

alltheseboys said...

Hehe...Sears just brought me a new oven and fridge too! They are good guys, lol. I'm thinking they will be bringing me a riding lawn mower too...not nearly as exciting! Cuz..although I really kind of like sitting on the mower in the sun..rolling about the yard, my allergies feel otherwise. I usually finish as a puffed up, snotty nosed, red eyed mess!!! Ohhh sayyy can you seeee.....Just felt I needed to sing it....

prims by olde lady morgan said...

I can see why it was pinned so much! Love it!! gret idea!!! i lost my MOJO for a long time... just getting it back... so fast to go and so slow to come back! OLM

bettyj said...

Don't you love it when something good comes from something bad? Enjoy. I think a lot of us have lost our mojo. If you find yours check and see if mine is with it!

SweetPepperRose said...

It really is a good idea, items that you have on hand, spoons and jars... now me getting them to look that good? that's the catch :P Glad to hear you have all new appliances and no major damage :)

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Awesome plans, Steph. You know, our oven did the same thing, it's creepy how they catch on fire like that. Hubba's 14 year old was visiting when it happened, and he's in the dining room looking at the hallway, "Dad, the kitchen's on fire" real calm. The smoke was horrendous, did you have that?
I love your list, although I've made them all my life and they work, but I don't work them! The flowers in the jars look so cute, so, did your screws crack vinyl? If you drill a hole first, then use the hardware it won't crack. Mister says this house is covered in it, I didn't realize it when I bought it.

Cailey said...

Out with the old, in with the new, WE LOVE GETTING NEW! Yay soo much fun. But wow that sounds like some excitement with the old one.. kinda scary too lol I'll be honest, I'd probably panic and not know what to do other than grabbing our fire Extinguisher. I didnt even notice that those were spoons that were holding them up, but its AWESOME! I dont know about the things you asked... all I have to say is ask maybe homedepot people they might maybe know? haha thats where we ask most of our questions, I'm guessing the spoons would need to be heavy enough to hold them, so nice thick silver spoons? I dunno. fun though

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Woohoo!!!! New appliances!!! Love the flower idea the only thing I can think of is drilling holes in the jar. Almost like you would if you were going to put a light in it. I do think that the siding would crack.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Loving the spoon flowers - but, even if your very valid questions were answered, I'd like to see them in two weeks....there just isn't enough room to make them not get spindly and gangly!! (And, uh, even IF I could figure out how to drill into our siding - you wouldn't catch me doing it for something that last 2 months in these parts!) (Pinned 543 times??? REALLY???!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin