May 04, 2012

Make Prim Happen Marathon~Day 3

Loook!!!  Look what came out of my printer.  Not the pillow silly:)  The graphics that are on it.  I have seen this done and new instantly I wanted to try it.  I did have my doubts though.  Too good to be true...and if anyone could kill a printer this way it would be me.  But, being one to enjoy a good challenge,  I decided to take my chances.  I am so glad I did because I have found something else to obsess over .  There is something just thrilling about sending a piece of fabric through a printer.  Have you been over to The Graphics Fairy?  She has the most amazing collection of free vintage graphics for all your projects.  Day three is done and I've still got breath for one more day.  Just one more though:)

My girls were asking me when I was getting a new package as we were driving to the mailbox.  I told them I wasn't expecting anything soon.  And there, the only thing in the box, it was.  A small package from Katie.
I opened the letter and just about cried "again".  Earlier last week I had pinned a picture of Katie's doll collection because I loved it so much.  She was sending me one of my own to start my collection.  

Oh my Heavens!!!  Just look at her....she just melts my heart every time I look at her.  I am naming her Katydid because "Katie did" make me so extremely happy and loved. 
Katie is one of the most genuine, friendly, funny, and strong people I know.  She has the best things to share with all of us on her blog.  I stumbled upon her one day and new instantly she would be someone  I would have over for lunch every day if she was my neighbor.  She has been such a good friend to blog with.  Thanks again Katie.

Thanks for sticking with me....just one more day to go.


Trace4J said...

Love love love that chicken pillow.
Awesome. And wow how sweet of Katie.
I love dolls too.
Have a great weekend.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hello Steph! I Love your chicken pillow. This is something on my list that I have been seeing and want to try.
Awwww! How sweet of Katie to send you a doll. Blogging Friends are the Best Friends!
Have a wonderful weekend

Christine said...

Another fantastic creation, Steph! It's gorgeous!
Now you've given me courage to try printing this too as I've been scared of wrecking the printer!
How very sweet of Katie to send you such a primtastic doll!
Take a deep breath and have a great last day on your marathon!

bettyj said...

You did a good job on your pillow, and I agree Katie is a light in the blogging world. Love her posts.And yours

BumbleBeeLane said...

The pillow turned out sooo nice.I've been wanting to try but have been afraid of breaking my printer to.LoL..Sweet lil doll from Katie she is such a kind soul.Warm Blessings!~Amy

annie said...

I love them both!

Nothing like a surprise from a friend!

Carol Stuck said...

Yea!!! You are doing awesome!!! The pillow turned out to be just the cutest. I am so impressed with your handiwork.


alltheseboys said...

So you put the piece of fabric...through your printer...What kind of ink? Just normal printer ink? Did you have to do anything special to the printer? This is SO cool!!!! I have been printerless for a very long time. You may have inspired me to buy one...of course then I'd have to figure out sewing so I could use it FOR something, lol!

Thanks...I'm so glad you loved the little doll. And thanks to Traci for helping me pull it all off! Katie

TheCrankyCrow said... you have my full and undivided attention. I have wanted to learn to do this forever!! (LOVE that pillow of yours - and have a friend who is gaga over chicken stuff and has a birthday gift that's long overdue....Bought a sweet little tuck from Brenda at the Rusty Thimble, but this would be such a wonderful way of rounding it out....) So, whose instructions did you end up using to do this??? Or will you do your own tutorial here??? My printer talks back to me the way it is and has an attitude....all I need to do is feed it fabric!!! Do tell!!! Hanging on for the grand finale!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - LOVE your gift from Katie....I was thinking that looked like a York Mountain Primitives creation...adorable!!) :o)

Cindi said...

Oh Steph I am so loving that pillow. I would really love to know how you did it! You should be so proud of yourself for all you have gotten accomplished. You are so neat and I love coming to visit you here!
What an awesome surprise from Katie!
Thanks for sharing, can't wait for the big finale!
Be blessed!

Janet said...

Wow! Your pillow looks great. Honestly, I think if I sent fabric through my printer it would choke and give up the ghost.

Cool doll.

Can't wait to see your next project.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Take care, Janet W

Traci said...

Hi Steph... Love your newest creation, it turned out just perfect. I love how you pieced it together! So happy you are happy with your doll from Katie..she's a sweetheart for sure♥ Love ya both!


Gettysburg Homestead said...

LOVE the pillow. Wonderful graphics!!!

That doll is so stinkin cute!!! What a great friend to send one to you.


Sheila said...

Just love that pillow Steph! I'm so excited for you to be learning and doing all these new things. I picked up on this one a long time ago, and it's so much fun to be able to create using your printer.
The doll that Katie sent is so cute; what a very special gift for a special friend!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Steph, the pillow is wonderful!! When I tried to print fabric, the ink ran when it got wet...does yours do that? The new dollie is so sweet--really looks like an antique one!! Keep it going more day!!--Jan

Pendleton Primitives said...

Love the pillow but my printer would never let me run fabric through it. Ugh. The doll is wonderful!