June 24, 2012

My New Old Things~Our Little Vacation

I realize that it might seem a little strange that I become more excited over opening a gift full of old rusty, cobweb ridden, and dusty things than receiving a gift card to the mall. 
Just look at the beauties my mother gifted me for my special day of the year:)  The jug has a prohibition stamp on it.  Too cool.  
She gave them to me while we were on vacation.  I had to unpack and rearrange to make room for the, now most important, luggage.  The crates are something I have needed for a while.
Thanks Mom, for knowing and loving me so well.
I was a little nervous about how our trip to the park would go.  With one child so small, and two in between, I didn't know how we would all manage the rides together.  But, with the help of my parents, it all worked out so well.  I was surprised that my two older girls were able to ride all the rides the adults could, and actually wanted to too:) 

The "Fire Dragon" was my DH's favorite and one of mine too.  Screeeeeaaaammmm!!!!!

This is the "Bambora".  It's "Oldest's" favorite.
We got "Baby" on it twice too.  The whole family really thought this was fun.

The first five minutes we were in the park "Middle" begged her daddy to take her on the big roller coaster.  It was her first ride.  She didn't even know what a roller coaster was really.  She was in tears before they made the first decline.  Poor thing.  Her first ride was a terror and she was scared of most of the fast rides after that:( She did enjoy "Puff" though.  Which, in the end, was her favorite.

"Baby" had to ride the carousel over and over and over.  It was her choice ride.  She loved them all though and couldn't get to the front of the lines fast enough.  We had a few melt downs because we had to wait.  

This was my Dh's and my other favorite.  "Rattle Snake Rapids".  A white water experience that left you drenched and your shoes soggy.  It felt soooo good though after the day got to be over 95 degrees.
The zoo was a wonderful experience for the girls to enjoy. They had their Grandparent's, an Uncle, and an Aunt spend the day with them there and that made it extra special.
Here are my three little monkeys looking in and really having fun with the chipmunk of all things.

 One of my favorites was the Rhino. He is so big.
We always watch the Food Network's "Drive-In's, Diners and Dives".  When we saw the Red Iguana in Salt Lake City featured we knew we were going to go have a meal there.  We both love Mexican food and this restaurant delivered the goods:)  Oh, so yummy and authentic.  The best I have had by far.  

This is their front door.

Thanks for visiting and reading my ramblings about our little vacation. I know it's not primitive, but it's fun. We really had a great time together.  
Have a great Monday.


Pendleton Primitives said...

It looks like you all had a blast! My husband said that place looks like a lot of fun and he says he must try the Mexican restaurant now. And your gifts are so nice. I always enjoy coming home with extras from a vacation.

Cindi said...

Hi Steph, I think most of us understand the excitement over the old rusty things rather than the gift cards! LOL Love the crates and the jug.
Your vacation looks like a blast! I would never be able to handle the rides, I would be with your baby and middle...Puff and Carousel would be my choices! LOL
Have a great week.
Be blessed,

Hillcresthome Prims said...

I am so happy that you all a GREAT, FUN time. That pic I saw of the HUGE roller coaster, my hubby and my guys would have gone on but NOT little old me, but the one I would have gone on is the pic I saw of your hubby and your cutie pie. That is my kind of ride, LOL.
FA-U-LOUS pictures...... see it felt we where all there with you all.

Love the wonderful goodies your Mom gave you, lucky gal!!!

Have a wonderful and Blessed week my friend,
Tricia XO

BumbleBeeLane said...

Looks like sooo much fun! Great gifts from your mom too.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Trace4J said...

Oh what fun!
Love the treasures from your mom.


Sheila said...

Happy Monday Steph!
What a fun time for you and your family and wonderful memories that were made. It was a super hot one here over the weekend, 92 and 94! I think my veggies grew two inches overnight.
The gifts from your Mom are wonderful!

hugz and blessings~

Raymond Homestead said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! I had the same experience on a roller coaster when I was little and I've never got on one since! My favorites are the water rides!!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Hi Steph!-How nice of your mom to send gifties like that!! My mom would have NEVER sent the rusty, crusty old stuff we all love!! Ha ha! (Dad saved things like that for me though! ) Your girls are so adorable--we are NOT a roller coaster family. I'm amazed they went on them!! When our boys were little (5 years apart), I had Al take Brian into Kiddieland while I took Craig on the big rides. Al didn't like the "up in the air" type rides, but I did. Hmmm...maybe THAT'S why Craig has a fear of heights now!?! I took him on the flying airplanes and would snap the cables so it would jump! My bad!! (also rocked the ferris wheel!) LOVE the water rides--and the zoo pics are great! I watch DDD often-- that restaurant looks sooooo cool!! Sounds like a wonderful family time!!--Jan

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Hi, Steph, sounds like a fun time ~ I am with the "Baby" I would love the carousel ~ I am like your middle one~ terror enters my mind at the huge-crazy rides~

Firecracker Kid said...

Ahhh, your vacation sounds like the best fun was had. Oh, I would've been crying too coming off a roller coaster! OMGosh! Brave little souls they are. Those rhinos and elephants always looked fake to me until they started moving... lol. Water rides are great for the cool down :)

I would rather get the old stuff as gifts too :)


The Gingerbread Gem said...

If I had come with you, I would have been your bag keeper (or how am I supposed to say that? I hope you understood me :-)). I never do rollercoasters. I scream all the time and I end up sick. But that Rattle Snack Rapids looks like a lot of fun! We're going to Six Flags America near DC. I hope there are a lot of attractions for scared moms too, or I'll do nothing but waving at my kids, taking pictures, putting on sunscreen, getting ice creams and carrying bags.


Raggedy Creations said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Love your gifts from your Mom.


Michelle said...

What a fun trip! It has been a very hot summer so far, yuk. Have a great day and stop over for a visit soon!

Lynn said...

Looks like so much fun, and I love old rusty things! You should see the bed springs I have! I am making cloth hearts to sit in them. Just joinned your blog, so I'm off to look around. Love it, Hugs, Lynn

Cailey said...

;) haha! Oh I sooooo wish I could have been with you at the park! I'm glad you guys had fun though! That is soo funny though, your little girls, I'm amazed that they wanted to go ride them, the bigger ones! haha. Miss you guys!

Liz said...

I'm glad you had fun! Wish we could have gone out to spend time with you guys. But we're excited to see you all at the family reunion!

Angela said...

Glad you had such a fun time at the park. And the gifts from your Mom are such neat items. Something to treasure. Hope you and your lovely family are having a great week.

Karen said...

All I can say is I'm sorry I haven't been here in ages!
What a fun mini-vacation for your family...your children are absolutely adorable...sweet princess's all of them.

I love the wonderful gifts your mother gifted to you - only a mother knows...RIGHT???
You are certainly blessed.

Thanks fro sharing all the wonderful happenings in your little family.


Angie Berry said...

Love the wonderful prim goodies your mom gifted you with! I also prefer those gifts over any other, hehe.

How fun for the girls! Looks like a great time indeed. We had to eat at a restaurant from "Drive-In's, Diners and Dives" also, haha. But you know if it's gonna be on Guy's show that it has to be good food, right?