September 04, 2012

Fall Is Here And The Kids Are Gone

Fall's First Breath
The golden hue of the sun is playing on the dried grasses and the perfectly round bales of hay today.
It's distant and muted.  Giving the picture a matte finish.
A trick, just for the fun of Mother Nature.  Tomorrow we will see.
A chilly night's sleep goes unnoticed.  The damp, cool morning does not.
The cool wetness gives way to the warmth.  Leaving behind a tapestry of scents: ripening fields, aging leaves, smoky hints.
The air clings and hangs closer.  Pulling, softly tugging.  "I am coming, I am coming".  
Anxious feelings imprinted from childhood.  Excitement of the change fill us up as night falls faster.
It's a surety.
Fall is creeping in.  Seething around the folded corners of the slowly dying leaves and slipping through the ragged edges of the cut grain.
Soon, the crisp will follow.  Blanketing the world and transforming it once again.  Giving it a glorious new name. 

Ann from A Hole in the Basket Primitives was having a pattern pass along.  I was the lucky recipient.  It's a Stacy Nash design and was so much fun to stitch.  I have it hanging in my front entryway. Thanks again Ann.
Now that I am done with it, I want to pass it along again to someone who will promise to use it.
Just comment letting me know that you would like it and I will pick a name on Friday.  

Taking August for the girls was a very good thing.  But, so many times I wanted to run to the computer to share what was going on. 
I won't try to play catch up with you but will share just a few.

We have had some very big fires close to home.  It's amazing to see the fury of Nature.  

 Our neighbor is a fisher and crabber in Alaska.  He was visiting his family for a couple of weeks and brought this by our house for dinner. The girls thought it was amazing.  It sat in a steel bowl in our refridgerator over night.  They watched it move and breath and spit water in and out.

 Every 4 or 5 years the Blue Angles come and give us a show at the  airport.  We live just North of it where the show flies.  We get them right over our house.  So we stand on our lawn chairs and watch.  They are so loud and shake the ground as they go by.

 Don't ever let the Kirby salesman in your door.  Three hours later you will be willing to spend the money just to get him to leave.

 We have had some spectacular shots of the moon.  We also have had some amazing lightning storms.

 We go to the County Fair every year where the girls get to ride rides, eat as much as they want, and have fun looking at the animals and exhibits.  Oldest threw up "again" because she ate too much.  How many fried Nutter Butters, donuts, candy fish, icecream, popcorn, and soda can you eat before you do?  Oh, ya.  Put it all on top of a Happy Meal too.

School started today. The kids are all gone.  I have all three going for the first time.  It is very quiet here and I am left with all my own thoughts.  It's scary.  Ususally I am always helping, or fixing, or talking, or breaking up an argument or two.  Now.....nothing.  Complete silence.
What will I ever do?
Have a great week.


Trace4J said...

Afternoon Friend
I was just going to drop you a email.
SO funny and here you are.
WOnderful post.
Thankful Fall is on the way.
Enjoy your first few days and do some fun crafts. I always missed them two weeks after school started.

The Gingerbread Gem said...

Hi Steph

And welcome back! Your post about Autumn is beautiful. I wished my English was good enough to write like that. A lot of my thoughts get lost in the translation, in every post.

About the silence: I know what you mean. Last week I really needed a break and now .... so quiet around here. Scary silence.

The Blue Angels were here last year, at an air show of the Belgium army. We missed it and I regret it.

Have a good week Steph!


Christine said...

Hello Steph it's good to have you back in blogland again!
It was great you took the time for your girls but isn't it strange having no one/ nothing in the house?
I'm having difficulty readjusting to school time routine again and homeworks :-(
Love what you wrote about Autumn creeping in on us!
Best wishes

Christine said...

Oh and I wanted to say how cute the girls are in the funny paintings!
And please put my name in the pot for the wonderful pattern!
Thanks so much - it's so sweet of you to pass it on!

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Steph, what wonderful pictures,enjoyed your post very much. Love your new Header pictures, pure prim. The girls are so sweet, looked like they enjoyed themselves, oh and all those goodies, making me hungry. Blessings Francine.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Lovely post.Oh my that crab looks like he was yummy.Been hot here but I'm noticing fall sneaking in.Before we know it winter will be here LoL..Warm Blessings!~Amy

Pendleton Primitives said...

You're back!!! Yay! I really enjoyed the post and honestly, there are still door to door salesmen?? That's kind of crazy if you ask me. I recall one telling us a vaccum would be $1,500! We had wood floors which I pointed out to him, meanwhile the husband was all for it. I showed Mr. Salesman the door. Glad to see your post!

Cindi said...

SWEET STEPH is BACK!! I am so happy! I missed you friend. Loved the pictures you shared. Your kids are just the cutest! I would love to be entered for the pass along pattern, what a neat idea! Hope the kids enjoyed their first day back. I am pretty positive the quiet time will be filled with things for you to do really soon! Love you and have a great week!
Be blessed,

Angi at drakestone primitives country cabin said...

Hi Steph.. Glad you are back and think the kids pics are just fab.. Enjoyed your post and love the new header too. Thanx for sharing and just enjoy the freedom of some quality ME time whether it is spent cleaning house or just catching up with us bloggers.. Hugs Angi

Emily said...

I love reading your blog and have missed it. I love the pattern. It's especially funny, because it's a family joke that I'm a "witch". It's a story that goes back, but I would definitely use it in my house. :)

Ann said...

Steph, You did a great job on the stitchery. I think it's great that you decided to pass the pattern along to someone else - Thank you!

One question - did you eat the crab? I know my oldest - almost 18, would never have eaten the crab, let alone let me cook it! LOL.


bettyj said...

Good to see you back, Steph. Missed you in blogland, but glad you spent quality time with the girls. Have a blessed day m friend.

Jen said...

The last picture of little one was the best- almost didn't look like a fake cut out! Loved the musing of autumn, and loving the background music! Sorry about the Kirby guy, but it looks like a fun new toy. Enjoy the cooler weather, quiet moments, fires (cuz who doens't love a good fire as long as no one gets hurt!) and fund fall decorations!

Shannon DeMasi said...

Steph, great post!
I'm anxiously awaiting fall! I love your stitchery too! Too bad I haven't had time to really do much crafty these days. Those fires sure look scary. I'm glad you got to spend some time with your little ones. It's always nice to take time out for family.

Raggedy Creations said...

Welcome back Steph. Love your attumn poem and your sunflower pic. I would love to see the blue angels, they must be so awesome. Love the pictures of your kids.


Firecracker Kid said...

Holy wow, are they still going door to door selling vacuum cleaners? It sure is a busy and exciting time of the year. Did you all eat that crab?

A Primitive Homestead said...

Pretty poem. Wonderful photos of your sweet girls. I could not send Sam back to school so I am schooling him at home. Thanks for your thoughtful email some weeks ago. Blessings!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Welcome back Girlfriend....sure did miss the dickens out of you.... Love your wonderful prose....You are one of many talents, aren't you? It's hard to believe a whole month has slipped by already. I truly don't know where the days, weeks, or months have been absconding off to. But, least you have a wonderful new stitchery to show for it. I haven't lifted a needle, punch, or hook in months. But, with deep regret and sadness, I have decided to stop watering my flowers. I have never "stopped" prior to our first killing frosts, but it was taking hours each night....And, not only have I not gotten one night's respite (no rain for months), but now the darkness comes so quickly that I found I was watering in the dark. (My friends have taken to calling me the "Midnight Gardener....") Since it will be soon when the frosts come, I've let them go....Perhaps I'll be able to work in some crafty time now.

Love the "fruity" girl photos....too sweet. Hope the "back-to-school" adjustment goes smoothly. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - No need to enter me in your drawing for the pattern. I LOVE anything SN and witchy, but believe I have that pattern stashed somewhere already....)

Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

TheCrankyCrow said...

ummmm....ok...."vegetables" not fruit. I knew that. Really. :o) Robin

ebmattson said...

Keep sharing your great ideas and preparing for a happy reunion when the kids get home and want to share all that's happened!

Angie Berry said...

Very nice Steph, love your view of Autumn!! Don't you just love the Stacy Nash patterns, they are so wonderfully prim. You did a wonderful job on your piece!

My those wildfires are awful. Glad you all were safe from them. So many animals lose their home, well people too, it's just so sad. I've never seen the Blue Angels in person but would love too. That's awesome that you had your own personal show, haha.

I had to laugh about the Kirby salesman. Didn't realize they still do that. We got hit up over 10 years ago. I was ready for them to leave because I didn't want to pay that money, my husband was the one that was sold. But it was a wise investment. That baby is still going strong and doing a great job so you'll be thankful you have it.

My youngest started full day school last year. So this past year was the first one in 17 years (that's how old my oldest is) that I had the whole day to myself. It was so odd at first and quiet. I literally felt lost the first few weeks, like I was forgetting something, haha. But it was very nice because I was able to do my crafting, shopping, and "my time" things during the day and had the evenings free for the kids. It's a win-win situation! So how are you coping so far? What have you been doing? The holidays are extra nice because you can shop for presents, hide them, and wrap them while they are away at school... no more nosy bodies, lol!