December 18, 2012

Merriment ~ Day 22 ~ When Merry Turns Scary

Every year we make treats for our neighbors and good friends we go to church with each week.  "Baby" and I put the plates together in the afternoon and later, after the other girls got home from school, we made Rice krispies treats to finish them off.  
After dinner was said and done, we put all 20 plates in the trunk of the car and went on our way to spread some cheer.  
We ended up having the greatest time singing and feeling the Christmas Spirit as a family. Giving service to others as a family is a huge bonding element.

We had one last house to go.  An older couple who has given countless hours and years in service to the children.  I knew they had a scary dog and I tried to warn the girls before they tore out of the car in a mad dash to the door. They didn't hear me.  The big scary thing came barreling out of the dark corner and knocked "Baby" and "Middle" off of their feet.  "Baby" thought he was playing and was laughing, but "Middle" knew what was going on and screamed at the top of her lungs.  DH went running and yelling at the dog and I ran to get in between. The owner heard the commotion and came out the door and got the dog, but not before the dog got "Middle".  She has a nice puncture wound from the bite and some scratches and big bruises on the back of her leg.  Poor thing, she loves animals so much.  My kids have never seen that side of a dog before.  Luckily the dog is up to date on his vaccinations so all we had to do was clean it really well. (Another round of screaming).
So, if any of you have experience with your children being bit by a dog, I would love some advice on how to keep "Middle" not afraid of dogs.  I am worried that next time she sees one she will be terrified like so many other kids who have been attacked are.
Have a great day.


Christine said...

Oh Steph poor, poor Middle! I was bitten by our dog when I was 10 but it's best to let her meet a nicer dog very soon and show her that all dogs are not vicious.
You are so thoughtful and sharing and hat a great way to teach your daughters the same!
Best wishes

Angela said...

Such a sweet and thoughtful thing for your family to do Step. Sorry about the dog attack. Can't help you with advise as I am terrifed of dogs altho I have never had a bad experience. Glad the dog had his shots and hoping that Middle will be okay.
Hugs to you and the girls

The Gingerbread Gem said...

Oh poor girl! The owners should do something about the dog! They should call Cesar Millan if you know what I mean.

Primitive Stars said...

Steph, I feel so bad for the girl, to bad, most dogs are friendly, guess you just have to tell her not all dogs bite, good luck, Blessings Francine.

Trace4J said...

Oh no..
Poor Middle.
Such a sweet sister.
I so love dogs but do have a fear too.
I was bit twice.
Hugs to Middle and Mama
Woolie Love

Danice said...

Oh my, I hope Middle is doing OK. I am all about properly socializing all dogs. Perhaps the owners need to look into that. Hopefully Middle will not fear all dogs now.

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Oh no, Steph! Poor middle....I do think you may want to get her around a dog soon that you know is extremely friendly and trustworthy. She needs to see that most dogs are loveable before she thinks and thinks about what that dog did to her. We had a similar experience and Craig has never liked dogs since...until he reluctantly adopted a dog that was going to be put down. Then he fell in love with it. Middle needs to regain her confidence in dogs. Hugs for middle....Jan

bettyj said...

My bet is that the dog was spooked by the girls. Then during the commotion got excited and bit her. Talk to her about it, and try to get her some time with a friendly dog. Was it dark? If she was close we "cure" her fears with Dasko. He would love her to pieces. Hope all is well and I know the poor people who own the dog, are worried to pieces. I bet the dog thought he was protecting them. Love your idea of delivering cheer, and still say I wish all the children had Mama's like you, Amanda, Holly and WHitney.

TheCrankyCrow said... scary....and merry shouldn't ever be scary.... What a sweet gesture you and your family do....guess you can be grateful it came at the end of the merry run. We've had dogs all our lives and never had one bit anyone....but, I agree with probably was the "circumstances." Middle needs to know that all dogs aren't vicious, but need to be respected and treated cautiously. Like people, until you know them well, you can't "bounce" upon them (although it sounds like she was only trying to protect her sister....) Most need to know who you are, be given a chance to "sniff know you" and acclimate.... Caution, not fear, is the key. But, yes - some encounters and interactions of a "good" kind as soon as possible will go a long way..... Wishing you all the best....and no more scary merries!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

1890* said...

What Thoughtful & Merry plates you have put together Steph .. So sorry to hear about middles confrontation..hoping she heals quickly -both mentally & physically ...Its so hard to explain to a child that some dogs are encouraged to be harsh ..It's a shame

Cindi said...

How sweet of your family to spread some Christmas cheer to others, such good parents to teach your girls that part of Christmas! I am so sorry middle got bit. I too was bit as a child and my parents did just what the other ladies suggested, talk to her about why the dog bit her and also get her around some friendly dogs.
Be blessed sweet Steph and family!