February 03, 2013

Whole Lotta Love Chain~ Sounds of Sunday~ Winner


Dear friends, I may be stretching things a bit this morning trying to do the Sounds of Sunday mixed up with the "Whole Lotta Love" chain, but here it goes.
We have been discussing the creation of the Earth with our children this past week.  It has made me really think of the great Love our Father in Heaven has for us.  He has created this beautiful Earth for our spirits to come to.  He knew we needed to come to Earth to gain our bodies and to be tested so we could one day live with Him again in Celestial Glory.  The beauty of the Earth is astounding.  He truly loves all of us.


Day 1: God divided the light from the darkness.

Day 2: He divided land and water.

Day 3: All kinds of seeds and plants were put on the earth to beautify it.

Day 4:  Night and day were created.  The greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night.

Day 5: God put fish in the sea and fowl in the air.

Day 6:  Beasts and all creeping things were put on the earth.

After all this was done, God asked Jesus if Man were found on the Earth.  He was not.  They then created man to inhabit and rule over all that was created.

Day 7:  The day of rest from Their labors.  The Sabbath day to remember and to worship God.  A day for us to rest from our labors and to reflect on the things that are most important.

The love of our Father is the greatest Love of all.


Congrats to : Sandi from the Primitive Skate
(I took pictures of "Baby" pulling out the name, but blogger won't load my iphoto:(  Sorry about that.

Please contact me with your mailing address.
Thank you all for entering my little giveaway.  It's fun to do this for my friends once in a while.

Please Pray for Sandi.  Her mother is in the hospital and the prognosis is dire. A sad day in their family.
Wishing you all a wonderful restful Sabbath.


Firecracker Kid said...

God made it all beautiful for us. We should thank him everyday.
Yay for Sandi! Prayers going up for her mother and family.


BumbleBeeLane said...

I love this post today..smile..Congrats to Sandi,hopefully it will bighten her day.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Great post from A -Z~

Old Red Barn said...

What a creative way to share this with us!


Raggedy Creations said...

Lovely post Steph. Enjoyed reading it.


Primitive Stars said...

Wonderful post today Steph, heartwarming......Congrats to Sandi, bless her and her family, Francine.

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Hi Steph! Lovely post...love your family pic. Congrats to Sandi---Prayers sent to her.---Jan

Tammy Fry said...

I'm glad Sandi won, she sure needs some cheering up

Cindi said...

Great post Steph, loved all of the pictures, and of course the sentiment that went along with them. Really loved the family picture, is it your side or hubby's? Thanks for sharing.
Congrats to Sandi!
Be blessed,

Christine said...

I love your photos Steph but the on of your girls sleeping in the bck of the car is the best!!
Congrats to Sandi! Thanks so much for hosting!

Sheila said...

Wonderful post Steph! and congratulations to dear Sandi too.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hello Steph-
As sleep is coming hard for me tonite, I thought that I would catch up on some Blog reading.
I am so excited to have won your Giveaway! Thanks for the smile you put on my face!
I can't seem to find your e-mail address, so that I can e-mail you with my address.
So I will give it to you here.
Sandi Allen
W3418 Shady Rd.
Black Creek, WI 54106
Thank You for hostin a wonderful Giveaway!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Your post took me back in time to when the kids were younger.. I was a Sunday school teacher for the little ones. In the beginning of time. The class was so amazed. Blessings! Lara