May 22, 2014

Mystery Box

I acquired this box from my mother a few years ago.  She picked it up out of my Grandmother's house, along with a few other very old things, when she passed away.   Grandma never threw anything away and re purposed just about everything you can imagine. 
What originally caught my eye was the dove tailing on the sides.  Most of the box was entirely covered in this tan paper when the box was handed over to me.  It thought it looked cool and original so I left it that way.
Last night there was a bit of sun shining on the floor next to the box so I sat in it to take a quiet moment.  I began to really study the box and realized that this tan paper used to be wallpaper.  It was badly water and sun damaged and I could barely make out a design in the paper.   I am guessing Grandma or maybe even Great Grandma had taken this old box and covered it with pretty paper to use it in the house.  I have often wondered what was underneath it all, so after three years, I began the process of uncovering the mystery.

So, I am taking guesses on what the box was used for and what all the wording underneath is.  I have my guess.  What's yours?  It will take me a couple of days to uncover it.  I am being extra careful not to damage the wood.  I will show you all when I am done.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.