May 05, 2014

Still Shots and Photo Bombs

I was sifting through some old photos the other day and found this one I took on a summer walk last year.  The rest of the house had been remodeled in the late 60's I am guessing.  It was an old house too, but the original door had been left.  I loved the colors and wear.  The weathering that gives it the appearance of patina is what really caught my eye.  If you can see the knob it's the original as well.  I thought it was quaint that the owner dressed the window in lace curtains.  
(I did mess with the pictures and put an overlay on it)

The apple blossoms on our tree are beautiful and smell so good right now.  Most of the blossoms around here are white, but occasionally you will run across a tree that's fiery pink.  The blossoms on the apple tree are so pretty as they are a cross between that pretty pink and white.  With the green as a contrast background, I couldn't resist a picture.  

This is why I like to stick with still shots instead of the "human" kind, although I am not sure these three are really human most of the time:)  There is always at least one kid that's going to "photo bomb" the picture every time.
I took at least 10 Easter photos and didn't even get one decent picture.  You'd think they were toddlers still they way they behave when a camera is in front of them!  
Have a wonderful week.