February 11, 2017

A Flood and a Country Drive

How long it has been since I've taken a picture of something other than my children and house!  Today we took a country drive to observe the damage the flooding had created over the farm land of Southern Idaho.  The destruction is real as lakes had formed in the middle of prospective crops, rivers were running through fields and over roadways, canals had been blown out, top soil eroded away, and parts of roads had been washed out.  People's homes are flooding, barns are muddy messes, trucks are stuck, and livestock have been displaced.  Never before have we seen this kind of calamity caused by inordinate amounts of snow and quick rising temperatures.  Mother Nature is truly amazing. 

The children sighed when I told hubby to stop so I could get out and snap one of this barn.  They were a bit tired of the drive and all the gawking their parents were doing.  The sun was shinning in all the wrong places for the picture, but I did a bit of photo shopping in order to pull out the colors and some texture.  Sometimes it takes a flood and a country drive to help me remember what I used to love to do; photograph the barns and old houses. Life can truly get so wrapped up in the little day to day things that we forget who were are and what we love to do.  I am thankful for today. 

Wishing you all a lovely week.

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Cindi said...

I remember so many of your beautiful barn and country scenery pictures! I think this one is really neat too...of course I love barns...the older the better.
Happy Valentines Day my friend!
Be blessed,