January 12, 2012

The Design is Done~ Hooray

Somehow I pulled it all together.  Getting out of the Christmas laziness was hard for me.  I just wanted to keep on going in my p.j.'s!!  But, finally I got it all back together.  Besides, my chocolat is all gone now.  My home is coming along nicely.  It is simple, just the way I like it.  I thought about switching stuff around as I was putting it all back, but I liked the way it was so much before that I put it back that way again.  So, if the pictures seem redundant, oh well, they may be:)  I can't help it, it like constant things.

 I did figure out how to grunge my big fat candle that I had sitting in my lattern.  Rolling it in cinnamon and ground coffee made it "beautiful" ~ the exact word my 6 year old used.  A proud moment for me!!

Virgina is closing her eyes as she tries to steal the last few bits of my Christmas chocolate hoard.  She hopes I can't see her.  

 Ta Da!!!!!  I did it.  Remember my earlier post of items I was going to use to create my very first and very own Valentine's day design?  Well, here it is.  I am so prouf of myself.  It took a lot of courage.  There were times I just didn't think I could do it.  Wondering if I was using too bright of colors, too many patterns, not enough grunge,  etc.  But, then I decided I didn't care.  It was what I liked.  I did have to peek at the internet just once to see about the doll's dress but that was it.  I am so thankful for all you you who have taught me how to grunge with coffee and cinnamon, how to stitch, and how to make things look just right.  I have spent a lot of time studying your blogs and asking questions. 
I must love bags because that is what I kept coming back too.  The strap is three strands of burlap twine all braided together.  I love those little touches of feminine.

 Here she is out of the bag.  I love her apron.  I was wondering if her bonnet was going to be too bright but in the end it all pulled together.  I had to bleach the fabric to soften the color then stain it!!

And then the back of her.  Every bit of the fabric (with the exception of the dark brown) ~including the burlap~ has been coffee and cinnamon stained and then baked in the oven.  The dimensions of the bag are 4 1/2" tall x 6 1/2" long.  The doll is 7'' tall.  She is hanging in the first picture in my entry way to give you an idea.

So...anyway... for those supportive blogger friends who have made it all the way to the bottom of my post......I am giving her away on Jan. 19th.  That is just one week from today.  That should give my most faithful friends time to visit, read, and comment.  Please don't post this giveaway on your blog.  I really just want it to be a simple giveaway to those that have been so supportive of me over the last 7 months.  I appreciate everyone who has ever vistited and made a comment and to all those who have extended an extra hand of friendship to me.  So here are the rules.....just leave me a comment saying you want to be entered, and of course ( I do have to add.... be a follower).


alltheseboys said...

My first thoughts as I am reading..are...OMG..this is her FIRST she's made. She's absolutely wonderful. My second thoughts are...hmmmm...I wonder if she wants to make another one. AND then...I read that your giving her away!!! ARE YOU KIDDING!!! Steph I absolutely love love love her. You did an unbelievable job. The colors are perfect and she's just soo soo sooo prim!! Lol. Are you sure you really want to give her away? Welll...ok then..most certainly please do enter me!!! You inspire me lady!!! Katie

Sheila said...

Glad I took a little break from working on things to catch up on what everyone is doing! Steph, everything looks wonderful and I think you did a great job creating the little doll and bag! I know when I first started my blog I learned so much about how to "prim" things and found many wonderful friends along the way!
You know I'm a follower and I'd love to be entered! Is it warm in the Magic Valley today? We had 3 degrees this morning!!!!

annie said...

You did such a good job. I'm proud of you!! There's nothing that can hold you back, if you put your heart into it!

A Primitive Homestead said...

I love your little prim doll & would be honored to give her a new home. Blessings!

Angela said...

Oh Steph, After all the stressing over the prim item, and you are going to share her with a friend. That is too sweet of you. I love her. Please enter me into the giveaway. She would feel right a home with me. I would so make her welcome. Have a great day.

lilraggedyangie said...

Steph your home is looking wonderful and congrats on the candle ! I love your valentine creation you did a fantastic job on her super proud of you ! :0) Would love to be entered in your sweet give away , stop over and visit Im having a give away as well! have a great evening !hugs lilraggedyangie

Christine said...

Hi Steph - remember me? Sorry to have been gone for a bit and missed your last few posts but so glad to see you've been busy! Your prim Valentine's pouch and doll is ever so sweet and I'd love to be included in your giveaway!
I'm with you on keeping it simple and I don't do alot of change either!
Best wishes and a belated Happy New Year too!

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Hi Steph,
Great job!!
I would love to be entered into your giveaway.

Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Oh, sorry...
I got so excited by your new creation I forgot to mention...
Everything looks wonderful.
It is always fun after Christmas, giving spaces a fresh new look.
Love your doll from Marie.
So cute!

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Love it. It turned out so beautiful. Please include me in your giveaway.She is so cute.

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Oh Steph... I love her!!! Good Job! Sign me up! Seeing as how my birthday is the 18th, and I haven't won anything in ages... I'm feeling some birthday luck! :)

The house is looking neat and clean! Good for you! I am still hanging on to christmas. :)

Carmen and the Primcats

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I love your foyer--simple and tasteful--very nice.
I do love your little doll. Do you consider her a church doll? Or prairie doll. I don't know the difference but I really love the dolls without faces. Please sign me up, Sweetie. I would love to give her a home with some pretty friendly dolls......

Cailey said...

AWESOME job!!!! its so cute! I love her! You are so creative! I love reading your blog. :)

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Steph, Please count me in!!!! Virgina looks right at home! OLM

Angie Berry said...

Lol, I just had to laugh at you... I am still SO in the Christmas laziness, trying so hard to climb out of it. Send some of your motivation over this way, lol!

I'm a constant kind of girl too. Once I find a home for something that I really like, it's pretty much gonna stay there. I'm not one of those that re-arranges all the time.

Everything looks great Steph, especially your "beautiful" grunge candle! =]

Congratulations on your first creation, girl!! She is beautiful! Good for you on not worrying so much about the details. I know it is hard, I still do that sometimes but I have to remind myself to go with my first instinct... it's usually right. Also have to remind myself to quit worrying about every little thing, because I sometimes do that a lot, hehe. Love the little apron, it is darling!

Awww... You're giving her away?!? That's so sweet of you! Please enter me! =]

Jen said...

Virginia makes me laugh.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Woo Hoo!!! You did an amazingly remarkable job Steph!!! I love your little doll!!! She reminds me of the old church dolls that someday I would love to own!! I, too, can't believe you are really going to give her away! She looks perfect on your little entry-way cupboard....But, if you are serious, I would honored to be entered for a chance to win her (even though I've been neglectful in my visits of late)....(I love how you have Virginia so close to that candy stash of yours....Hmmmm...are you two two of a kind by chance??? ;o) Thanks for the wonderful opportunity....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Steph,
Well I am right there with you in the thoughts that I like things as they always have been...I find a gathering or room arrangement that works and by goodness it will probably stay that way. I love what works too!

Your creation is adorable. Very nice work Steph.

Can you enter me in this wonderful giveaway? How fun.