January 16, 2012

Random Goodness at My House

My house is never dark.  At night I have night lights in each of the bathrooms, one in the kitchen, a small ever tree with white lights on it upstairs, and now......a new light for my entryway.  I was the fortunate winner of this light from The Olde Country Cupborad.  I love it so much.  I needed a light for that corner:)

My DH is a sourdough connoisseur.  He has worked for years to get the starter just right.  Now he's on to making bread with it. I, however, cannot make bread no matter how hard I try.  The cast iron loaf pans are his.  It's a manly way to bake.  

I confess.  I ate the whole bag in less than 24 hours.  Conversation hearts are my single most favorites next to the chocoalte orange!!!  I am going to pick up two more at the grocery store today.  Good thing I have a dentist appointment scheduled for two days after Valentines Day.  

Really, I am loving this winter.  It has been so mild here and we have been to the park several times already.  The kids do want the snow though and we have to have lots more if I am going to be able to water my lawn at all this summer.  The city has us all on water restrictions as it is.  This is all we got last night.  

Who can ask for more pets when you already have plenty of them running around already?  Aren't bats and frogs the best?  They make me smile everyday.

Thanks for being a part of my random goodness today.  I think I will end with a little thought.  I have been very sentimental today.  Thinking about life, my part in all of it, and the peace I feel inside when I do.

"We beleive in being honest, true, chaste, benevolant, virtuous, and in doing good to all  men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul- We beleive all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things.  If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things".

Take care friends......


Angie Berry said...

I love keeping a few trees out after Christmas because I just love having those lights on and nothing else, it gives the home a nice, cozy feeling. I have one as a snowman tree and a cardinal/snow tree so they can stay up through winter. Of course, I have my year round tree that always gives off a nice glow also. It's so much fun, hehe! I LOVE the jar light that you won from Sandy, it is a wonderfully prim piece!

Girl, you are so very fortunate to have a man bake you bread!! Wow, I envy you, hehe! I'm not a fan of chocolate oranges or conversation hearts but they are my hubby's favorite so he gets them every year for Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Your kiddos are so cute! We have super heroes running around here. I used to put my little guys costumes up every year then I thought why not let him play dress up? My girl did when she was little. But it cracks me up... one day last week, he came into the kitchen while I was cleaning. I turned around and he literally startled me, lol! There was a miniature Darth Vader standing there with his light saber at me. He loved that he scared me. Little ones are so much fun! =]

I enjoyed your post Steph! Have a great one~

Sheila said...

Congratulations on the win from Sandy! I just ordered one similar but it has a tart warmer in the top, from Samantha! Can't wait for it to arrive. I love having the small accent lights around the house too. Lends such a warm and coziness to the atmosphere.
Your hubby's bread is making me drool. My weakness is good homemade bread, and sourdough, oh yeah!
Love the costumes too. My 3 year old grandson his visiting for a few days without his big bro and he is a hoot-he was Captain America for Halloween and he pretends several times in the day that that is who he is! I'll call his name and he'll tell me "I'm not Alex, I'm Captain America" then he'll have this look and a funny walk. To cute I tell you.
You have more snow than we do!
Have a great day, loved your post.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Steph, beautiful post today. I've had days like this more frequently and it's so nice to feel this way, isn't it? Stay cozy and warm today. Have a lovely evening.

Angela said...

Love your new lamp. Such a great giveaway win. My motto is never have too many little lamps and lights. I have several that stay on 24/7. Don't ask the mister how many I have to turn off each night. (ha). That bread looks so yummy. Enjoy it. I love chocolate orange, but not the conversation hearts, but I love the chocolate marshmellow hearts. Don't look like we are going to get snow this year either. Guess a smidgen is better than none. Love the kiddos in their dress up outfits. Enjoy them as they will grow up so fast. Have a great week.

Christine said...

Your girls are precious! And i love the 'random' sshots from around your cozy, inviting home - the new lamp is great!

annie said...

Wonderful post! I love the light you won!
Your kids look precious.
That bread looks so good.
I think I "knead" some right now!
I love the way you ended your post.
God Bless You and Your Family!

alltheseboys said...

LOVE your post...is it odd that I'm sitting here in the dark responding to it, lol. Merely because I'm to lazy to get up and turn on the lights! Katie

TheCrankyCrow said...

Great post Steph....but gotta confess - you had me at homemade bread. Oh what I wouldn't give for a big ol' hunk of that. My hubby is the "main" chef around here - but he won't come near anything to do with baking. (You even have to twist his arm to make a Pillsbury crescent roll...) Congrats on your win from Sandy - I LOVE that light...and, yup, I'm a light/candle freak too. Our house is small, but it still takes me a good 10-15 minutes to turn all my little do-dads on and off each night....and I wouldn't have it any other way! Your girls are precious in their costumes - I just wanna scoop that little frog up and give her a big hug.....Hope your week is off to a great start....It's snowing here - and then we're supposed to get plunged into a deep freeze. Oh yay. Tell me again why I live here? Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

rockriverstitches said...

Steph, I was enjoying not have any snow for quite awhile. But last week we finally got our first big snow and got more today. Oh well....Love your little ones costumes! Where did you get that frog costume?? That would be perfect for my granddaughter!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Steph, yep, it's me visiting FINALLY.
What a lovely post. Burning lights are so warm and welcoming. We have several as well - I love it when I get up in the night and see the glow - not such a lonely feeling is it.
What adorable 'pets' you have dear lady...lol CUTE!
We finally got our snow...Monday and yesterday it snowed like crazy and it's 0 degrees this morning. Yikes...WINTER HAS ARRIVED IN WISCONSIN

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Goodness sakes, where am I this morning....I WANT SOME OF THAT BREAD!!!!
Think hubby will give up the secret????


Merry Wind Farm said...

Steph, love your little light. I have always wanted to try and make one of those and figure out how to drill a hole . And the bread looks wonderful! Years ago I tried fooling with sour dough starter, and never got it right. Lucky you to have a baker hubby!