February 03, 2012

Simply Primitive Flowers ~101

Dear Peeps.  The sun is shining so beautiful and bright today.  It's streaming through the south windows so warm and pretty.  It gives the illusion of spring.  But, don't let it fool you......baby it's cold outside.  I feel some spring fever coming on.  So to ward it off (it's just to early for it), I gave myself some winter leave and took to the computer for some eye candy.  I have seen the most beautiful displays of wild flowers and herbs in some of your homes and in magazines.  Problem is..... I had no idea what they were called.  So I relied on my faithful forum and blogging friends to help me out.  Really, all I know is what people have told me and what I have seen.  So, comment and let me know what you grow and how you display it.   Now, I can't wait for it to really warm up so I can get my garden growing.

This stuff is going in my bathroom and in that yellow vase I just got.  It is so pretty.  

~Pussy Willow~
I think that this will look awesome on top of the stove in the living room or on the piano in just the right crock or tin.

Is actually a shrub.  I need to see if this will grow in my area.  If so, I will be planting a couple in the east corner of the back yard.

~Sweet Annie~
A staple I am gathering.  It will look lovely dried and hung.

When I see Feverfew I think simple beauty.  I want to have some on my front patio and on my window sill in the kitchen.

~Lily of the Valley~
This just screams feminine to me.  And what a wonderful scent.

~Golden Rod~
I love the big bunches of small flowers on this plant. They can be a sign of good luck you know:)  I will search the ditches and meadow this spring and summer to get plenty.  

~Flowering Oregano~
Herbs can make the most beautiful yet simple displays.  I can't wait to have a garden full of them.  Last year I started some by seed and some by small plant from the green house.  

Tansy fills it up so well.  It dries good too.

In white or yellow.  This is so pretty in a blue mason jar.

~Black Eyed Susans~
I love the shape of these flowers.  -Courtesy of Raymond Homestead-

~New England Aster~
I love the small pink heads and the thick greenery below.  

I spent waaaayy to much time looking at flowers today.  But I am glad I did because I feel refreshed.  I am thankful for many talented people who willingly share their photos on the internet with everyone.  
We are off to the school Winter Carnival tonight.  That's always a good time.   I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  


Kendra said...

Thank you so much for sharing, I needed that, it has been so gloomy here in Northern IL the past few days.

Traci said...

So many pretty flowers, a nice breath of Spring! I love flowers of all kinds and I grow quite a few of those you shared, I'd grow more but I don't have the space.. Have a super time at the carnival...that sounds fun! Hugs, Traci

alltheseboys said...

Ohh so pretty..my nose honestly started itching just looking, lol!! Not only did being pregnant at 40 give me a little boy..it gave me an allergy to flowers! I always had a bit of a sensitivy..but now it's a full blown out allergy. Just a bit of info..if in fact..you happen to accidentally sprinkle sweet annie on your sugar cookies..and not realize it. You will survive ingestion of it...and you will not have any "enhanced" reactions to it as you would some other "home grown" plants!! I know this...lol!!! Have a great night tonight. Katie

Sheila said...

Wow Steph, thanks for the flower show! So pretty and something to look forward too. The forsythia does grow around here, mine is to close to the fence and doesn't always blossom so I would plant one in an open area of your yard. The blossoms don't last nearly long enough but boy they put on a show when they do.
The winter carnival sounds like fun~

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Steph:
You chose some great herbs and flowering plants to share with us. It makes me want to plant.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Steph~ Pretties~ We have all these on the farm with the exception of pretty pussy willow~We don't have enough wet ground for it~
I display in crocks~ mason jars~ old tins, feed sacks~ boxes~vases~firkins~ baskets~ single displays & arrangements~ I will throw them in anything~ some of my favorites are poppys( which don't last long) hydrangea, lilacs, peonies & black eyed susans~ love perrennials because they grow like whild flower~

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Steph,
What gorgeous flowers...there are so many out there aren't there.
Unfortunately I can't grow most of them....Forsythia grows well in most areas...it's a hearty shrub/bush.
I purchase fresh Lavender and Sweet Annie and it has the most amazing aroma...fills a whole room with scent.


Christine said...

LOVELY JUST MAKES ME SAY, 'AAAAAAHHHHH' and breathe deeply to relax!!
Love the vibrant yellows but i've been thinking pussy willows lately and forsythia!
We've got the craziest mix at the moment with snowdrops just out and yet there are lots of daffodils out too. ODD to say the least!
Have fun tonight!

PrimHearted said...

I have Spring fever coming on and seeing your lovely flowers just made it come on more! We haven't had much of a winter here thus far, but this morning I took a walk around the house and sure enough some crocus greens were starting to peek through the soil...which is pretty much unheard of around here for early Feb. I am going to be putting out the faux forsythia in my crocks very very soon!

Firecracker Kid said...

Yeah Steph, I love wild flowers and drieds too, but don't keep up on their names. Heck, alot of them are growing in my yard. They do really add beauty to our homes.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Gorgeous photos Steph....You picked some of my faves - and, actually, I grow most of them ('cept the Sweet Annie, since I don't have a proper place for it and can be somewhat invasive) and the yellow rocket....pretty as it can be, it's considered a noxious week in these parts and destroys many farm crops. Don't need to grow it - just go into any of the fields next to us and there's plenty....Some of my other favorites are lilacs, hydrangeas (they don't grow well here though), echinacea, digitalis (foxglove), stock, gypsophila, Russian sage, lupines....oh man....look what you've started.... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin