December 31, 2012

The Road Not Taken is The Road Less Traveled

I have always looked at my blog as a living thing.  I know it sounds crazy, but I think, "if it's not growing, it's dying".   I have also seen it as sort of a book, each month being a new chapter.  So, when I embarked on my "book" a year and a half ago, it was to be about primitive things with some random life happenings thrown in here and there.
Now, as any author knows, when you run out of content and start repeating yourself, it's time to end the book.  Problem is, that would mean killing my blog.  GASP!!!!!  Unthinkable.  I have too many wonderful friends and have invested too much time and effort, thought and myself into it to possibly say good by.  I knew that having a very specific blog title would mean that one day this might happen.  I simply don't have enough of the "primitive" thing to share to be able to create post after post after post about it.  I have a public blog so I don't feel comfortable in sharing what my life is truly about, and frankly most people in this crazy world wouldn't care.  
Having a blog was about creating something and being successful at it.  I have been having such an amazing time meeting new friends along the way that I never stopped and thought about an end, but here it is; quite abruptly and not by choice (if Misi and Robyn had not had the Merriment chain, this post would have showed up even before Christmas). I have nothing left to share but the life happenings of a Mother and actually, that's boring for others to read about. I know that my besties wouldn't care if that's all I posted about, but I do.  I don't want a blog just filled with that stuff.  So, I am at a the fork in the road that Robert Frost depicted.  Now, if I can only find the road that has been less traveled and morph this blog into it. 

 I imagine that road is very quiet....relaxing...
beautiful.... inspirational.....and spiritual.  All the things that life needs more of. 
It's funny how a blog name can become part of your identity.  I don't want to rename my new road.  I will always be ~Steph~  from Front Porch Prims, but the detour I am taking is going to have to have it's own name too.  So, while I am standing with my back to the world at the fork in the road, looking down the one less traveled, I will just visit all of your paths until I can get the courage to step out and start my new journey.  
Wish me luck.......Love you all.
May 2013 be as great as last year.


Trace4J said...

Wishing much love joy and happiness..
You will be missed.
Happy woolie new year

earlene said...

No Steph!!! You can't leave!!!! :0( :0( :0(
I hope your not gone too long.

TheCrankyCrow said...

What??? Run out of things to say??? NEVER!!! I'm sure there are some who WISH I would run out of things to say, but, it's highly unlikely to happen.... ;o Seriously - I hope you will be back posting soon. I rely on your steadfastness (that sounds like a silly noun to use, but it is the best way I can articulate it right now....) Your posts always give me joy, and food for thought. I think you could post about pencils and have a captive audience....Choose which road you must, but please don't let it be a silent journey from our end.... Wishing you a new year overflowing with blessings my friend....and I, for one, truly hope and pray 2013 is better than this past year..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

annie said...

You know Steph, when I thought about the road less traveled, I never considered there may be all kinds of little primmy cabin houses down that road. Seems to me, each and everyone of them would have a front stoop or porch, otherwise people would just fall off onto the ground when they open the door. I have no clue where I read that, but it was in a book somewhere in the back of my brain & the wifey wanted a porch, that was her reasoning to get one. It was Christian fiction, anyway, because that is what I read (let me know someone & I will give credit to the author!!)

Even if you need the space, or time or energy for now for another type of journey, look for a stoop to rest on along the way, you may just find a friend you once knew waiting for you there!

Happy New Year!

Christine said...

Oh no Steph!! I'm heart broken, you are a dear blogging friend and I LOVE your posts!
Please blog!
2013 wouldn't be the same if we didn't read your blog!
Please find your new path SOON!

Angela said...

Steph, I have been where you are many times since I began my journey soon to be a few years ago. I do not have the talent, the perfect prim home, a business, or a very exciting life, but What I do have is MYSELF.. I am what I am. I post about things that are important to me and have been blessed to have so many who have followed me down this road. Blog friends are there for us thru good, bad, happy, and sad times. You have wonderful daughters, and you are a great Mom.Moms could write books on their daily lives especially those with girls. And we would all relate and enjoy the read. My blog is what I want it to be, not what I think someone else would like. It's not about the number of followers I might get, but about the ones who carry on conversations with me when we do visit. Those who have become a part of my life here in blogland. I so enjoy your blog and I sincerely hope you will reconsider. Take the time you need and follow your heart. I so hope you will find your way back to share your blog with all of us. This said, Happy New Year to You and Your family.

Primitive Stars said...

Oh No, I was just getting to know you and enjoy our visits together.....I really liked your posts, prim or not...... Hope you choose your road quickly and come back to us......Wishing you a Happy New Year, Prim Hugs Francine.

Holly said...

No no no!!! Girl, you and i seem to have a lot in common. I too contemplated this same thing when I began my blog just a year ago. I was scared to start a "prim" blog because I craft but not too much. My home is not a primitive showcase, but it's what I like. My life is all about my girl. Yes, most of my posts are about our life and what I do with my family. I have met and became friends with so many good folks on blogland and they still visit whether my post is prim or not. They stick by you. Please think it over and don't worry about others. Write about your life and what you love. Keep your chin up girl. :)

jennifer768 said...

Steph, I have really enjoyed your blog!I am surprised to read that you are thinking of stopping.I wish you the best in 2013 and will be watching to see where the fork takes you.Hugs and Happy New Year,Jen

Cindi said...

Sweet Steph, I kinda knew this was going to happen, you seem like a perfectionist and I knew you weren't happy with what you were doing with your blog. I think you are selling yourself short. I think you know how many people love you and surly don't want to start the new year without you, a dear friend to share in their lives. I am so saddened and I pray that you will be back.
Be blessed,

BumbleBeeLane said...

I think none of us are that exciting or perfect.But what we do have is a community built of friends who care about our day to day life (yes even the boring mommy stuff),who support us when we need it,pray,cry,share in our joy and we of course gladly invite them in to our homes sometimes to chat,sometimes to share a wonderful new display or find and sometimes just to say I understand.Take a break,regroup and I'm sure your creativity will flow.Besides you know you'll miss New Year!~Amy

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Happy New Year Steph! I know exactly where your coming from and too have thought of stopping my blog. This past year I just could not get into it. I do craft but have thought many times~ who cares what I make and am I being perceived as just another showoff. But I can say that all my followers that stop by to leave comments; inspire me to continue blogging. That boost of someone sending me a comment that they liked something or just enjoyed my post gives me the boost I need to continue. I really have enjoyed visiting your blog and will miss seeing you. Take time to figure out the path you need to take, but know you are an important part to many blog friends here and we just enjoy seeing you.
Wishing you many blessings in the new year!

Raymond Homestead said...

I hope you will continue to blog Steph. I do know what you mean about running out of things to blog about. I have felt that way myself. I think everyone would agree though that even if we just drop a line now and then, (it doesn't even matter if it's not some earth shattering news) we just enjoy hearing from our blog friends and what they are up to. Hope you'll reconsider, I enjoy reading your posts! Mindy

The Gingerbread Gem said...

I hope you'll continue to blog, whatever kind of blog, prim or not. I would really miss you!!


Beckyjean said...

Hi Steph~

Happy New Year!! As a newer follower, I would hate to see you stop blogging. I wish you luck in whatever you decide.


Firecracker Kid said...

I agree and concur with Annie and Angela. I am what I am, be it boring or be it inspiring in some small way. Take me or leave me :)
In the short time I've known you, you have always inspired me, and picked me up when I was feeling down with your kind comments and wonderful posts.
It's a new year and that always gets us thinking about change. Whenever I'm in doubt, I just ask the fella upstairs for a little help and guidance.


1890* said...

Let me just say ... You are Sunshine for my soul. Your blog reminds me of what is truly important in life. *Family Love* and often when i seek a good dose of the medicine needed in a world like today it's your blog that i turn to... I think i have expressed in emails how wonderful it is to know someone as "GOOD" as you and how much i truly enjoy your family moments..
My book is being written anew everyday because of all the beautiful insight from people like you
So Please why not just rename your book and continue to share your chapters with US...
Wishing you a blessed, healthy & happy New Year*

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Hi Steph...I can't imagine blogging without you. We are all regular people, some younger, some older...but I think we all share an interest in the warm feelings of love of our families. When there is so much wrong in the world, it is comforting to hear sweet stories of good times with little ones. I enjoy the bits you share about your girls because I miss my boys being small. What you may think is uninteresting is very precious, I'm sure, to many of us.---hugs, Jan

bettyj said...

steph, I want to say which ever road you follow, I will follow you. You have so many ideas that people love.It truly doesn't have to be about creating, prim decorating, just blog about you. Those who really care will enjoy and those who don't don't matter. Just don't stop. We have all been where you anre and somehow get back on the horse and ride. Keep on keeping on my dear, sweet friend.

A Primitive Homestead said...

I have been away for some time now. My life turned upside down & keepin to myself. I am sorry to hear all this. I like what you share. I
Hope will meet again what ever road you travel. Blessings to you & your family .