January 09, 2013

Found One.......Now What?

I had so many encouraging comments and emails about my blog from such wonderful great friends.  Such sweet words left me feeling hopeful and even more eager to set my feet upon the path I am trying to create.  Thank you everyone for such friendship and love.  I felt I needed to add a little extra name to my new path.  Back Road Reveries is what I have chosen.  I have always love the word reverie, which is~ the state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream.  I hope to be able to share more of my deeper thoughts with all of you (I have plenty).  I have always enjoyed writing and pondering about life in general.  So hopefully you will enjoy your ride on the Back Roads of my Reveries:)

I hadn't been to GW for a while so I thought I'd stop in on Monday.  Look what I found!!!!!  It's, it's, an...................hum...............I don't know what it is.  I don't think you roll dough with it.  What is it?  A cookie stamper?  Anyway, I want to make it over to be a little more prim looking.  Problem is.....I don't have the foggiest idea on how.  What would you do to make it more primitive for display?


I know, It's dangerous.......but the kids have only see ice cicles this big maybe a couple of times before.  I realize, comparatively, they really aren't that big, but for us...... HUGE!!

I was laughing at their thought process (and taking pictures as well) as they tried to figure out how to get them down.  
Try #1~ Pushing the Igloo cooler over to stand up on.  Didn't help. Still too short.  Oh, look what middle is finding.

 Try #2~  Barbie Mermaid launch.  Nope....no luck.  

 Try #3~ Plastic candy canes.  Actually the cold temps snapped them in half as they put pressure on them in the attempt to knock the cicles down.  Now they are crying because they have broken candy canes.

 Try #4~ Mom's freezing her but off waiting for them to figure it out and can't stand it anymore.  She comes back with a broom handle.  Ta Da:)  Hooray.

Why do kids do this?  I was hoping her tongue wouldn't freeze to it. 
I have been messing with the dimensions and the margins of my blog.  Will you please let me know if it doesn't fit on your screen or if you have to move it left or right to see the whole blog?  I use an iMac and it's hard to know what will fit on other's computers.  Thanks so much.
Have a wonderful evening.


earlene said...

Girls are having fun!!
Blog is too big ...a lot is cut off.
Good Luck

Trace4J said...

I missed you. Love the gw finds!
The snow photos of the girls are wonderful.
Woolie hugs

Angela said...

So glad to hear from you Steph. Love your find from goodwill. If I was not planning on using it for cookie, etc. I think I would stain it a darker stain for a more prim look. Just my opinion. Love watching the girls with the icicles. Don't know how long it has been since I have even seen one in our parts. I remember licking them when I was a child.Love all that snow too. And I love watching the icicles drip when they are melting too. Looks like they had a fun time.Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a great week.

jennifer768 said...

So glad to see you back.Things are showing up fine on my laptop.Such fun pics of the girls.I can remember doing that exact same thing.
Awesome find from goodwill.I would wipe it with a darker stain and then maybe sand in places.Hugs,Jen

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

I think what you have there is a Springerle cookie stamp roller, I love those! I'm with Jen, I'd wipe some stain on it (as long as you don't want to use it to make cookies that is!)to age it a bit. Walnut ink might work too. Great pictures and story of the girls with the icicles, I particularly like the flying mermaid Barbie! We've got some huge icicles hanging off of our eaves at the moment too, they are right over where we have the wood for the fireplace stored and it gives me the willies every time I go out to get wood! Love the new name too Stephani :O)

My Maine Blog said...

Hello Stephani...I joined your site a few days ago and I share your same sentiments......I love primitive decor and my home is filled with lots of great finds that I have collected over the years that just make our house feel like home. I too live in a small town clear across the country from you in Maine and I love the landscapes here along the back roads through all the seasons. There's always something to catch your eye especially the old barns and farms and fields of never ending corn in the summertime. It's like the feeling you get thinking about sitting on the front porch with a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day and just listening to the peace and quiet.... that's my kind of living. The simple things in life have come to mean so much to me as I grow older.......and I'm pretty old.... : )it's just so nice to meet young people like yourself who enjoy these things from the past as well. We have never been to your part of the country but my husband's sister and her family live in Idaho so we are hoping to someday take a trip out to your neck of the woods. Your blog fits beautifully on the screen...no problem. Have a good night....Kathy

Cindi said...

Happy dance happy dance sweet Steph is taking a chance! OK I am not a poet but you get the idea! I am so glad to see you back! As I was looking at the pictures of the icicles and the girls I was wondering if there were going to be any with them in their mouth, I used to do that as a kid! I love their hats, they are just so cute! Hope to read more from you soon my friend!
Be blessed,

Holly said...

Hi Stephani! So glad to see you post! Love your finds from Goodwill. You found some great treasures. Loved the pictures of the icicle adventure. Those things were HUGE! We are supposed to be in the 70's here for the next few days. Sure wish we could see some snow soon! HUGS

alltheseboys said...

And my sister yelled at me for filming my son being attacked by our dog, hehe! WAIT until I tell her my friend was taking pics as her poor sweet little girls tried to knock down big huge jagged dangerous icescicles!!!! I at least knocked ours down on my own so they wouldnt impale my son! Lol...love the pics!

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Hi Steph,

Love the new name! Back Road Reveries~ Can't wait to read more.

Great find at the GW. If you want to prim it, just try sanding it to get the sheen off and stain it with a walnut color stain. Just remember, you can't use it for cookies it you do this. If it doesn't take the stain, you can paint it. I have taken flat white paint and painted items with it, then taken Early American color stain and wiped it on and buffed it to the darkness I wanted.

Your blog size is fine on my computer.

Seeing your girls trying to get to those icicles, brings back memories of my childhood. The barbie launch gave me a good chuckle!! As I was reading, all I could think about was; I hope one of those icicles doesn't fall on them.

Good to see you post again Steph. Wishing you a great day and rest of the week!

Christine said...

Girls will be girls too! Those icicles are HUGE!
Glad you're posting and I hope you find the nicest 'back roads'!
Looking forward to reading your reveries.
Have a lovely day!

The Gingerbread Gem said...

Steph, your new blog design is so 'classy'! I really like it. I can't wait to read your reveries. Beautiful pics btw.


Raymond Homestead said...

Hi Steph, like your new name and blog design. It's been awhile since I've seen icicles that long too. Such cute pictures of the girls!

Firecracker Kid said...

I like the new format :) It fits on my laptop screen just fine.
Oh yes, we played with the icicles when we were youngsters. I've even seen grown ups do that too...haha!
Neat finds at GW's. Those bowls cost a lot on ebay.


Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Hi Steph! Your rolling pin is a German Springerle cookie rolling pin. It is used to roll out a stiff dough like sugar cookie dough, then the design sections are cut apart for individual cookies.Occasionally I will see one at the flea markets. If you aren't going to use it, I would stain it---very pretty with a rolling pin collection! Your blog fits on my screen very well. So glad you are sticking around...I hear some excitement in your "voice" for the new adventure!! I had to laugh at the girls trying to figure out how to get at those icicles! Our boys did the same...then would lick them like that too....I guess they remind kids of popsicles! :) I'm working on several projects and getting close to posting them...getting very excited about showing them....stay tuned! Hugs...Jan

Cailey said...

The blog fits perfectly on my screen! :) I loove what you've been doing, sorry I havent been on as much as I like to but love going to your page. Miss you and the family! :) thanks for the pictures, they sure are cute! thanks for the updates! :)

1890* said...

Hi Steph!
Your blog fits my screen perfectly ;0)
That sure is a lovely Springerle roller...if you don't ever intend to use it for pastry and want it with an aged appearance, try a medium shade stain (maple) & then soak in it in warm water for half a day...let it dry then rub some sea salt in a cloth across the detail cuts ... makes a great attic finish!
Ice sickles & Precious little snow bunnies ....winter bliss {{HUGS}}

bettyj said...

Love this and absolutely love all the pink. My Mollie would certainly fit in your household! Glad to see the post, if I am late.

Angie Berry said...

Well girl, I'm glad you didn't leave while I was away! I would have been hunting you down, lol! I was reading back through your past posts since I've been gone. Why? Because I enjoy your blog and wanted to see what all you've been up to. Not to be nosy, but I genuinely care. I'm glad you took a little break and discovered "which road" you needed to take. I just recently decided to combine my two blogs (my family blog and my prim blog) because it was just way too much to try and keep them both up. So many talk about their families and daily doings and I truly enjoy reading what my friends are up to. But I never thought about sharing my own family. I decided to take that leap and combine the two and talk about all things on my prim blog. It's only been a week but I think it was the right choice. I know we've talked recently how we both need this outlet in our lives. I think it's hard to find that balance in each of our lives yet try to come up with something interesting that would keep our prim blog friends sticking around. With us each having 3 kids, our lives are definitely not boring, but to someone looking in it might be. Wow, where am I going with this?!? This is exactly why I don't need to be blogging after midnight, LOL! Anyway, I'm just trying to say that I can understand where you are coming from but I honestly enjoy your blog a lot and would be very sad if you ever stopped because you ran out of things to say. You're a talker... you never run out of things to say =] I enjoy seeing what your kids are doing and watching them grow and hearing about the new things they are learning. Love you girl~