January 22, 2013

Tudor Tuesday

Today I Didn't:

Build a wattle fence (although if it were as pretty outside right now as it is in this picture, I would have),

Spin yarn,

 Paint beautiful pictures for a children's book,

Weave a basket (although I did weave pretties into the girl's hair),

Or go outside to enjoy the snow (heaven's no).

 But Today I Did:

Enjoy a little baking and 

 Finished up some stitching.

This morning I made Coffee Cake for my breakfast.  But, it was more like brunch by the time it was done.  I think Tasha would have stared wide eyed and in bewilderment at me making her Coffee Cake.  What a disaster.  "How hard could this be"?  She might have asked.  Well.......she proabaly wouldn't have cursed at the bundt pan either.  There is a good reason I didn't end up using one today.  It turned out really yummy though and that made up for lack of presentation.  A delicious cake for breakfast...all for me.  Hee hee....  Ok, I made two others for the rest of the family. 
(She always used the original spelling for recipe)

Hope you had wonderful and blessed Tudor Tuesday.

* Most pictures seen were taken by Richard W. Brown*
*Other pictures were borrowd from the Internet*


annie said...

lovely post Steph, is the link supposed to open? it would not, if it was. I would like to sit with you and share a bite!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Oh my. I had a chuckle when I saw the wattle fence because just the other day I saw a truck pulling trailer loaded with tree cuttings that would be perfect for a wattle fence. Hubby said why would they be hauling them? Of course I shared about Tasha & her wattle fence. So glad you are still blogging. It's like visiting an old friend. I guess we have known each other in our blogs for some time know. Blessings! Lara

Raymond Homestead said...

Tasha Tudor was a remarkable woman wasn't she?! I'm sure your coffee cake was delicious!

Trace4J said...

Happy Tasha Tuesday!
Another sweet post.
Woolie hugs

Cindi said...

Another enjoyable post Steph! Did you find any books in the library you were looking for? I looked at my library and there weren't any but I can request them so I am going to do that. You have a great Wednesday and rest of the week!
Love ya!
Be blessed,

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Steph, what a wonderful post, I adore Tasha so, her way of life was so simple and beautiful, Thanks, Francine.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

You and these pictures inspire me. A wattle fence would look so beautiful in my garden......
Great pictures!

The Gingerbread Gem said...

There's nothing wrong with the presentation! Looks yummie ...


Christine said...

MMMM! Looks great and definitely more-ish!
Best wishes


Hi Steph,
Love your post today, a life simple and uncomplicated...It was beautiful. Have a good day. Hugs,