January 17, 2013

Men Are To Metal As Women Are To Flowers

Good freezy but morning ladies.  It's another cold one and it's put me into shock.  I am sitting here in my jacket and hat and gloves still trying to recover from the morning trek to the school.
Thought you'd like to start your day with an analogy.  Remember those?
Well, there are two home decor stores in town; Real Deals On Home Decor and Pier One Imports.  I have been looking for a corner hutch to go in my living room and Real Deals has really pretty prim looking furniture sometimes, so we loaded up and went there on Saturday.  Hubby likes to buy things for the home too:)  Only, he apparently likes metal.  It's a trend around these parts you know.  These metal ornaments.  I think they are very pretty, but not the primitive look I like.  I know that my wonderful DH lets me do just about what I want with the house whether he likes it or not.  He never says a word to me when I want to display rusty things or bonnets or "weird looking" dolls.  So, when he went on a metal binge at Real Deals, I didn't say a word either:)  Love that guy.  I really do like the pieces:)  I got some very pretty flowers for my pot too. 
The metal calender holder and the primitive folk are calendar were a gift from DH.  He ordered them online for me and they just came in the mail. That big metal key, is the key to my heart;)  Thank you sweetie. 

There....now the house is anchored if there may be some stormy weather.  I am glad our home can be a place where my husband loves to be too.  It makes me feel good that part of him is in our decor as well.
I believe we may be off for the big city of Boise tomorrow for some shopping, good food, hotel room fun, and the children's museum.  Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


jennifer768 said...

LOL!Good morning Steph,the title of your post made me smile.Lovely gifts from hubby,the calender holder is a favorite of mine.My hubby does not care for prim much but he usually does not say anything about my choices,we both are blessed with wonderful men.Have a wonderful time in Boise tomorrow.Hugs,Jen

Firecracker Kid said...

Wow, look at him go! Got a little interior design in there with all that macho... lol. That's wonderful that he participates in the home decor too.
Yes, we're in for some more chilly chilly weather too.


Sheila said...

Hi Steph,
I really like the purchases you made at Real Deals......haven't been to either one of them for a while now. Wanted to mention that if you are looking for some older pieces of furniture stop in Pocatello and visit Farm House Furniture down on N. Main. Patty and her husband have an awesome collection of things and she is now carrying hand made items from several of the crafting gals in blog land! Imagine my excitement when I realized we had her shop right this close to me!!! She's one of my FB friends and lists items they have for sale.
OH MY.............FREEZING!!!!! in our area too! Have fun in Boise and hopefully it will be warmer than Twin has been ;-)
Take care.

Primitive Stars said...

That's great he helps, Yey!!!! Freezing here all week long, urgggg, Francine.

The Gingerbread Gem said...

Have fun in Boise. The metal decor is typically American to me. It's a style we don't see around here. Love the pantry sign.


bettyj said...

Well I personally think that is prim looking! It also shows there is love in your home. If you live with and with and love some one, you compromise. Seriously it looks wonderful, I like it all.
Have fun on your trip and I loved your analogy. You are good!

1890* said...

I really really like your DH 's purchases- He has excellent taste! especially the Key To Your heart
Enjoy your family get-away ... We have the winter blah's already here ..so hubby and i are heading to New England ...no plans other than using our hotel points and getting some Lobsta ;0)

Wishing you loads of fun! {{HUGS}}

Cailey said...

:) that is so much fun! He is so good to you. love it when Jeff picks out things for me, he's got such good eye for things.

Christine said...

It is so sweet of your hubby! That big key is my favorite!
So funny that your house is well anchored!