February 23, 2013

16 more reasons I love Bear Lake~ An a little "leftover" love

 All you have to do is drive around the Valley for an hour with your camera hanging out the window.  It's a photographer's (not that's what I am calling myself or anything) dream.  Like I have said in other posts about Bear Lake, there are not many places left like it anymore.  Time has been preserved here.  It's like going to another world......a very beautiful one.  

 And of course, there are those who want to live amongst it all during the summer.  Someday I would love to have a summer home here.  Just like this one.  It sits right on top of a hill.  The picture first picture on this post, the one overlooking the valley, is the view from this house.

So, what's your favorite photograph?  I love the tiny abandoned house in the snow storm, then the green and red hydrant second.
Most of you already know that Cindi was my swap partner for the Humble Heart Swap Amy just held.  Well, bless Cindi's soul, even thought she was in the hospital, she had her mother package everything up and mail it to me.  There were a few missed items that came later and I am so happy they did:)  What wonderful stitchery I have now to display for just a week longer.  Thanks again Cindi.

I have been on the lookout for Mary Poppins today.  You know, when the wind blows awful something, she should be riding in on her umbrella.
Wishing you all a very blustery day:)