May 06, 2013

Welcome Wreath

I am a pinterest hoarder.  Somehow I get off just by browsing and pinning, browsing and pinning.  It's like a drug.  I feel I was just shopping when I am finished.  Most of the time I have great intentions when I select a pin to post, but really, deep down, I know I will never cook it, buy it, wear it, or make it.
This baby of an idea was special though.  I knew right away it was going to get done.  It met the "criteria" which are as follows:  1. Can be made in just a couple of hours, 2. All materials can be bought at Walmart along with my groceries (I hate extra trips for things) 3. It's simple yet pretty,
4. I won't end up in tears trying to figure out how to pull it off.

A lovely welcome to my home.

Thank you for reading:)