May 16, 2013

Baby Whoooo Owl~Baby Shower

My best friend is having a baby!!!!  It's been so fun because she is getting her first boy after 2 girls.  I feel that being and having a loyal friend is something precious.  I really wanted her to know how much I have appreciated her over the years and I could think of no better way than to throw her a baby shower.... and the best one I could.......
Of course I turned to Pinterest and the rest was history.  Ideas turned to more ideas and then my mind took off........
I loved the owl idea.  It probably appealed so much to me because of my love for prim.  The muted colors, the natural settings, etc......
But, I also wanted something different and not in red or blue and not dinosaurs or motorcycles.
This is the table setting!!
We had a yummy fruit pizza bar with: fig newtons, peanut butter chocolate bars, Chex Mix, Toffee covered crackers, and chocolate mints on the side.  I loved, loved, loved, the paper bag in the dough bowl idea for serving things:)

I watch this wedding show on TLC, where the brides rate each other's weddings.  Sometimes the brides say "There was nothing in the reception that had to do with her theme".  I knew my theme was owls, so I tried to make as many paper ones as I could to display with things so I wouldn't be guilty of the "theme-less party". I found this perfect paper bag owl tutorial and it was soooo easy.  Here is the Owl Tutorial if you are interested.

Toffee glazed Ritz Crackers (AKA~Cracker Crack). The first had these at my Sister-in-Law's wedding reception and I immediately went on the hunt for the recipe. They are soooo good. After I had made them I tried one and another and another. I was in heaven in my own kitchen.  Everyone asked what the recipe was at the reception as's a keeper.  Here you go..... here's the recipe.

I don't enjoy games at baby showers.  I don't know many who do.  So I opted for a few activities the ladies could do on their own time between talking.  One of them was the "wishing tree".  They write down a wish for the new baby and hang it on the tree.

I made many of these paper owls, big and small.  Each one was different and turned out soooo cute. 

A couple of Christmas's ago, some ladies in my church and I made about 30 of these tissue balls for the Church Christmas party and I swore I'd never make another again.  The love for a friend has no bounds:)  Ha ha.  They are quite easy and make things look really cute.  I had them hanging over the paper plates, cups, and drinks.

Now, this shower was a ton of work (which is an understatement).  I had never done one before so I didn't know what to expect!!!! 
But, I would do it all over again for anyone I call a Best Friend.

Wishing you all have a Hoooooot today!


Sheila said...

You are certainly a dear friend and I bet everyone just loved all your decorating and fun themed shower. I'm with you, do not like games at showers and your idea of wishes was a great one. I am going to check out that recipe!!! My fav is cream cheese on a Ritz with a touch of jam, used to make that for after school snack for my kiddos. Thanks for sharing the recipe!
Bless you Steph!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello, you are a sweet the Owl idea, will be a hit....Blessings Francine.

BumbleBeeLane said...

Love the neutral woodland colors you used.You are a very sweet friend! Warm Blessings!~Amy

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said... did a wonderful job on the shower...I'm sure your friend was so touched by all the work you put into it! I'm loving those cute paper owls! I had those Ritz cracker goodies at a party once, and yes...once you start eating them , you just can't stop. I hope your friend has a happy, healthy baby! ---Jan

Earlene Landis said...

Steph this is so adorable. What a fun shower. I could not open the cracker recipe.
congrats to your friend on baby number 3.

Raggedy Creations said...

You did a marvelous job Steph, I'm sure your friend loved every minute of it as well as the guests.


Cindi said...

Hi Steph! Oh girl I have missed you a ton! What a blessing your friend has in you! Love the theme, love everything about the shower. They are a lot of work aren't they but so appreciated. Thank you for sharing all of this! Whoooo could do it better?
Love you!
Be blessed,

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

What a sweet baby shower, Steph. You are such a good friend for sure! I'm so happy for your friend that she's having a boy.

Jen said...

It all turned out so cute! LOVE the ideas.

Marcia Mattson said...

What a cute idea the owls are. You could leave them up forever! What a service for your friend. Take care.

Old Red Barn said...

Sooo creative, I love it! We don't have baby showers (:-(), it seems like a lot of fun (except for the games, not my cup of tea). My favorites: the owl in the tree and the wishing tree.


bettyj said...

Love the shower. How much work you did shows you love her.

Angie Berry said...

Oh Steph, that is AWESOME!!! Your friend is so fortunate to have you in her life! I agree with you on the theme, love the muted colors and primness of owls. I also can't stand games at showers, just don't like them so I love what you chose to do instead plus it's memories that the new mom will always have with her.

What would we do without Pinterest?! =]