March 23, 2017

By Baby Bunny Bunting

"By baby bunting daddy's gone a hunting to fetch a little rabbit skin to wrap my little baby in."

As babies, after our baths, our father would wrap us tightly in our towels and hold us in his arms and rock us back and forth and sing this song.

I am not in the habit of creating decor like this.  It's not the style I am looking for, but when I saw something like it on Pinterest the memory of my father singing this song instantly came to my mind after many, many years.  I fell in love with the bunting and since it is spring and close to Easter time, it was fitting.  I also think the bunnies look quite nice on the china hutch.  


Angie Berry ~ A Vintage Journey said...

Stephani, this is adorable and looks so cute on your hutch! Ok I have to say the story behind it brought tears to my eyes. SO VERY SWEET!! Oh goodness girl, I'm thrilled to being back to blogging with you!!!!!

Cindi said...

Oh that story was so special! My mom sang it to all of us kids and also to all her Grandchildren. I think the bunting is darling and looks like it belongs there on your hutch.
Be Blessed,