March 04, 2017

The Lucky Mantle

There is this weird space of time between Valentines Day and the first day of spring.  I usually take down the Love and fill the nooks and crannies with other textiles until I can display the flowers and bunnies, but this year I thought I'd just leave the hearts and reds where they sit until March 20th.  It was a good plan until the mantle really started to get on my nerves with the "be mine" banner and "love you" sign.  I was on my way to tearing it down when I found my inspiration on Instagram.   A lovely March display full of vintage fun and dark greens. I'd never even thought about a display like that until then.  I set to gathering anything green around the house and in my decor closet I could find.  I had more than I expected, but it's hard to fit random jars, books, spindles, etc. into a display.  In the end this is what came of it all.  I made the banner out of foam paper, glitter, and some ribbon I found at JoAnn's  

It was therapeutic to rummage around the house for items, rearrange them in a pleasing way, and then have created something my family can enjoy for just pennies on the dollar. 

With any "luck" the snow will all melt soon and the weather will warm up.  It's been a very long and cold winter here in Idaho this year.  I am more than ready for the forsythia, pussy willows, and fruit blossoms. 

Stay lucky my friends!

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Cindi said...

Looks really good Steph... I am one who has never decorated for St. Pats day either. It is always so long between Valentine's and spring here in Minnesota. I do decorate for Easter and think I will jump into that soon.
Be Blessed,