May 06, 2017


One of the funnest things about having a new yard is this spring I have had so many blossoms coming up all over the place.  Most of them I know what they are and a few have me guessing. 

There is some sort of flowering tree in my front yard that has berries. The blossoms are pink on the outside and white when they unfold.  In early bloom the tree looks half pink and half white. 

In late spring it is totally magnificent.  We have nick named it the Tree of Life.

Of course tulips, and the chicks and hens are there on the right.  

 This plant looks sort of like a dandelion.

 Lilacs: my absolute favorite.

This plant is some sort of succulent grass type. It shoots out the most gorgeous little dainty pink flowers.

We planted petunias. 

We have large bunches of Catnip and it smells awesome.  The bees love it  and so does our cat!

Flowering grass: I have no clue what this is.

More blossoms on a tree in the back yard.  It is not the same kind as in the front.

 Forsythia is another one of my very most favorites.

I have not an idea as to what this is, but it's pretty.


 This is not in our yard, but next spring I am going to plant one if I can figure out what it is.  I took this photo while on a walk at a park.

If any of you know what some of these blossoms or plants are that I don't I'd love for you to tell me.
Happy growing!

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